Does National do anything for Red Seat Candidates?

National will be pushing all manner of people to take one for the team in 2014 and run in red seats, with no chance of getting in on the list. People approached to run in a red seat should find an excuse like their husband/wife/significant other/ budgie doesn’t want them to run, leave the country, or get a diplomatic bout of leprosy because running will cost an awful lot of time, money and energy and National will give you nothing back.

To check up on this comment potential red seat candidates should ask the following people if National has done anything for them after the election.

Claudette Hauiti – Mangere candidate
Leonie Hapeta – Palmerston North candidate
Jonathan Fletcher – Rimutaka candidate
Paul Foster-Bell – Wellington Central Candidate
Sam Collins – Wigram Candidate
Jo Hayes – Dunedin South Candidate

Ask them if they have got anything back from National or whether they were just used and treated like scum or ignored the moment the election was over. And ask why you are so special that National will treat you any differently.


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  • niggly

    Very good points. Also in Palmy I’m concerned that National simply don’t have much of a visible presence (whereas in the local media the resident Labour MP just typically has to turn up to a protest (in solidarity eg Capital Rail Connection protest) and hey-presto instant photo opportunity and let’s the readers/viewers know that Labour “still care” (ya know for those people too fickle to look deeper or spend more of a passing glance at the headline).

    National needed to confirm their 2014 candidates YESTERDAY! and give them some resources so they can afford time of work to get campaigning and in the media NOW otherwise in effect National may as well not bother standing candidates in 2014 as it will be too little too late…

    After all National ain’t Labour and has their luxury of (eg Union type) candidates double dipping by campaining whilst on their 9-5 (other job or MP) paycheck ;-)