Drones for hunting? Ctd

Popular Science

If  hunters don’t use them then wowsers, tree huggers and animal rights activists will…the problem they have though is hunter have guns, and drones don;t fly so well when multiple holes are blasted in them:

An animal rights group stopped a planned pigeon shoot over the weekend, leaving the would-be marksmen to shoot down another target: The animal group’s aerial drone.

A group called SHARK, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness, went to Broxton Bridge Plantation near Ehrhardt, S.C., on Sunday to video a live pigeon shoot, according to the Times and Democrat of Orangeburg, S.C. The group lofted a small Mikrokopter drone and planned to tape the shoot. Law enforcement officers and an attorney tried to stop the drone from flying, according to the T&D. The group persisted, and apparently the shooters got back in their cars to leave, said Steve Hindi, president of SHARK.

The drone took off anyway, and then several shots rang out. One eventually struck the drone and it spiraled to the ground, to the dismay of the SHARK representatives who were filming it from the ground. The T&D has video of it here.


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  • Sooty


  • Johnbronkhorst

    Love these “conservationists”…..They had a cull of Thar in the southern alps a few years back. Fine except the Thar world wide are an endangered species, especially in their native Himalayas. Couldn’t have considered capture and re release in the Himalayas, could they?

    • TravisPoulson


  • Joe Bloggs

    Can’t wait for the Greens  to introduce the practice here! They’d make a fantastic change to shooting clays!!!

  • unitedtribes

    Can someone tell me what “CTD” means

    • jonno1


      • unitedtribes


  • Cobolt

    It didn’t look “shot-down” to me, there was no spiraling, just a loss of power. Forgot to charge the batteries perhaps?

  • A-random-reader

    This incident happened back in February.

    You’re five months late to the story.

    • Neil

      Must have got that issue of Popular Science by “surface mail” ….. do people still do that?

  • kehua

    Great pity that Hindi was the pilot.