Excellent Horse-Like Lady


I can imagine Andrew Little and Darien Fenton have their own version of this North Korean song celebrating factory work. The title is intersting…has Jacinda visited North Korea?

It’s not often you see a music video emanating from North Korea, the most closed-off country in the world. This one, from Kim Jong-un’s reported girlfriend, music star Hyon Song-wol, offers an interesting glimpse into that country’s propaganda machine.

The song, translated at “Excellent Horse-Like Lady,” shows women happily working at what looks like a textile factory. In the end, one of the women is rewarded for her hard work with flowers and a shot reveals the clothes that are created with the materials. The workers leave the scene triumphantly.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Nice looking filly!!!

    • thor42

      Agreed! Very pretty.

  • Chris

    Looks like they made their quota. What happens to the ones that don’t?

    • Salacious T Crumb

       Apparently they eat horses…..

  • TravisPoulson

    Alright, I’m convinced. The working population in DPRK overwhelmed with happiness working for nothing.

  • BD

    You do have to admire the work ethic in the country even if the motivation is coming from the noisy end of an AK47.

  • Phar Lap

    Is this a snapshot of the future    for NZ  ,under  the rule of the Marxist “Green” Party,led by an Aussie wet back named   Russel Norman and a Maori activist,named Turei.

    • le sphincter

       ‘Chur’ Turia sits in Nationals cabinet , is that activist enough for you !. 

      While for another party  she was the ‘last cab off the rank’

      • Phar Lap

         Always thought you didnt know your arse from your elbow.Its not often you get it right and as usual you are wrong again.Wonder what is your problem ,are you suffering from an incurable disease of stupidity,or were you just born that way .My guess is you suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,with diminished logic,accountability,and responsibility,in other words a loser.

  • Bunswalla

    Nothing like some hot NK girl-on-girl action on a Saturday afternoon.

  • Dr Wang

    Yee -hah!