Face of the Day

Pratibha Patil, India’s first women president, elected on this day  in 2007 and due to step down this year.


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    nice red dot

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Not Mrs Dikshit then???,,,,,where is paul henry when you need him?

    • Neil

      I get your comment – tongue in Cheek (I assume) John. 
      Sheila Dikshit is the Chief Minister of Delhi She is from the Indian National Congress. Dikshit was sworn in as the Chief Minister for a third consecutive term of the Government of Delhi state in January 2009 after pulling a victory in November 2008 state elections.
      She is the second woman Chief Minister of Delhi and represents the New Delhi Constituency in the Legislative Assembly of Delhi.

      • Johnbronkhorst

        google is a wonderful thing!

      • Neil

         It was Wikipedia John – but yep you’re so correct…..

      • tarkwin

        Very well done Neil, I still think she’s got a funny same. My sense of humour is about the only juvenile thing I have left.