Fiji does more for UN than we do

36th Parallel

Selwyn Manning has written a story fro 36th Parallel about Fiji and its increased commitment to the UN that shows Fiji’s government deploys more personnel to UN Operations than Australia, Canada, and NZ combined. It makes a mockery of our continued failing policies toward Fiji.

Fiji continues to pull its weight in the international community despite attempts by Australia and New Zealand to interfere. We should be looking at ways of positively engaging with Fiji rather than continually slamming the door in their face.

It is clear that the rest of the international community, especially China doesn’t give a tinkers cuss about what form of governance exists in Fiji. All that is achieved by our continuing with the failed “smart” sanctions is the easing of Fiji into the arms of China.

Fiji has shown though that bullying from the big boys of the Pacific region can be safely ignored. I’m not sure that does our country any credit whatsoever.

Since the 2006 Fiji coup Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama’s military-led government has remained fully engaged with the United Nations while incrementally increasing the number of troops and police it contributes to UN peacekeeping operations to record levels.

United Nations records show, that in the past year alone, Fiji has increased by 29 percent the number of Fiji military and police personnel deployed to UN operations. Between April 2011 and May 2012, Fiji also contributed more peacekeepers to UN operations than Australia, Canada and New Zealand combined.

A UN Mission’s Summary report obtained by 36th Parallel shows that on May 31 2012 Fiji had deployed 359 soldiers and/or police to UN operations. This same report showed Australia had contributed 112 personnel, Canada 158, and New Zealand 24 personnel.

The comparative report for April 30 2011 showed Fiji had deployed 278 soldiers and/or police to UN operations. That snapshot report showed Australia had contributed 109 personnel, Canada 213, and New Zealand 24 personnel.

The data shows that the governments of Australia and New Zealand have not impeded the participation of Fijian troops in UN peace-keeping operations in spite of their public calls to that effect, and in fact have not impeded a rise in the number of Fiji troops being deployed to United Nations operations since the December 2006 military coup.

Despite Fiji’s military being warned by the United Nations secretariat in November 2006 that if it conducted a coup, overthrew its government, and installed a military-led regime, then its contribution to UN-led operations would be reduced or suspended, the United Nations increased the number of Fiji personnel deployed in the immediate post-coup period.

That trend has increased in the six years since.


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  • Razorlips81

    The UN is an evil leftist organisation. It is biased against any form of Right Wing. I have no time or respect for the UN so the less that we have to do with it the better!

  • Michael

    The U.N. is a leftist joke.

  • Philonholiday

    What they fail to mention is the UN pays very good allowances to the Fijian Government which are supposed to be passed on to their soldiers for food, accommodation, expenses etc. HOWEVER the Fijian soldiers get bugger all of this money. Most is kept by the Fijian Government.
    As the UN pay by the head it is no wonder Fiji is so keen to send as many of their troops as possible!

    • gazzaw

      Absolutely agree Phil. The provision of Fijian troops to UN peacekeeping has been a thriving export industry for at least twenty years. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, they are respected, well disciplined & do a great job.  

      Australia & NZ can fuck off – Labour, Labor, Libs, Nats & Greens in successive governments have chosen to isolate Fiji. The UN is a valuable income source for a tiny and fragile economy.

    • le sphincter

      Its the only way the Fijians  can afford such a large military for its size

    • SteveOves

      I served on the navy up in the Persian Gulf, and the NZ government in regards to the UN allowances isn’t much better, we did not get the full amount of what we were supposed to be paid by the UN, the government also took it’s cut. 
      The Aussies, Poms and Yanks who served up their with us on deployment did not have to pay tax whilst we had to.
      Having served I would of liked us to go down a similar route the Fijians did in regards to doing more UN peace keeping deployments, however that would require a substantial boost in budget for the Defence Force.

    • Troy

      Exactly so.  Anyone who thinks Fiji is really in it for the core function of its UN duties is simply naive.  It’s a huge money spinner for the polly coffers – something which staffers of the UN appeal to given they have the most to gain personally from belonging to such a misfit of an organisation.

      • Mmapperson191

        Not to mention a big help in reducing Fiji’s unemployment? Could Fiji afford to maintain such a big armed force within its own shores?

        I’m a little surprised at Cam using this stat as a viable comparison with Australia and NZ.

  • A-random-reader

    Fiji would benefit from closer relations with China.

    Can you explain why this is a bad thing?

    • gazzaw

      Fiji is getting inexorably closer to China. A lot of Chinese money invested & tourism will be the catalyst for further massive investment. Don’t kid yourself that Denarau has been developed for the Aussie & Kiwi markets and they haven’t even started yet. Watch the direct air links grow over the next 12-24 months.  

      • le sphincter

        Chinese sit on a beach  ?  getting a tan ?. LMAO…. you havent a clue have you

      • Magoo

        My wife’s Chinese sphincter and she loves going to tropical countries (Fiji, Cook Is., Tahiti), sitting on the beach & getting a tan. Perhaps it’s you that hasn’t a clue sphinc – talking shit as usual. Typical ignorant, know-it-all leftie.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Tiny and fragile at 1 million people what does that make us at 4 Million? The Fiji Government is acting like a private military contractor to the UN. The Fiji military is larger than NZ’s. Despite the threats to cut them off the UN, like the US needs all the solders it can muster, short of a politically unacceptable and unpalatable draft. Look back through history all major declining empires relied on private military contractors (Mercenaries).

  • Napalm in the Morning

    Good luck to Fiji, if it works for them , Its got nothing to do with us and as soon as we learn to keep our nose out, the better everyone will be. NZ getting involved over there makes us no better than the US being involved in all the counties they are trying to flip