Free Speech wins, AUSA are still losers

Yesterday the AUSA tried to ban a group from campus because they didn’t like what they say. They contrived a vote…organised some treating…and lost:

Anti-abortion group ProLife has been allowed to stay as a club within the Auckland University Students’ Association despite complaints the group was harassing vulnerable students on campus.

The association had received two complaints about pamphlets containing “misinformed” health information on abortions being distributed by the group, and of students feeling harassed.

The association held a meeting yesterday to decide whether the group should be disaffiliated.

There was heated debate during the meeting, which attracted about 300 people, and students eventually voted 225 to 117 to allow the club to stay within the association.

ProLife New Zealand spokeswoman Rachel Wong disputed the club had done anything wrong in the first place.

She said the association failed to communicate with the club after receiving an “anonymous” and “unsubstantiated” email complaint.


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  • gazzaw

    What is the story with student unions (sorry associations). Are they still compulsory?

    A cogent answer would be good so do not need a rant from spink.

  • Matt

    They were made voluntary last year, AUSA however has a contract with Auckland Uni to provide clubs with services so, at least according to AUSA failure to affiate means clubs can be refused various university club services and facilities.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Time to remind these pratts what freedom is…..Supporting someone who is SCREAMING at the top of their lungs, everything you find abhorent….That is freedom, you don’t have to agree with them or even listen to them (that is YOUR freedom), but you do have to let them do it!

  • So how many AUSA members will be happy with their association spending THEIR subscription money on putting on a BBQ, just to get the necessary 200 people to turn up so that they would have a quorum?

    As always, the Left excels in finding novel ways to spend Other People’s Money.

    • jsrret

      there are no subscription fees to join ausa… when the students voted to abolish compulsory union membership the fees were dropped and the university of auckland just increased fees on all students and handed the money over to the student union…

      • KJ

         Only about 3% of the money that the university takes off all students goes to the student association.

  • Chris

    Definitely not intending to invoke Godwin’s law, and for the record, I probably support the pro-lifers right to hang around, but… Would we agree to support a Nazi party on campus? Where is the line, and how do you determine those groups who should be excluded?

    Is it on the basis of causing harm to others? What sort of harm? Emotional, physical?

    • Mediaan

      That is why it is called a university. It excludes no line of thought.

  • DaveG

    Chris I would agree to let Nazi’s or any other nutter group (Mana, Pro-life, Destiny Church, anything Sue Bradford is associated with) have their right to free speech.  If you don’t like it walk away or ARGUE THE FUCKING POINT.  Once you ban one group, where does it stop?

    • Chris

      Yeah, I think I agree with you. I think maybe free speech can sometimes act as a bit of a relief valve on groups or individuals who feel surpressed or otherwise marginalised. There’s still a bit of support around here for banning gangs though isn’t there?