Friday F*ckup – Where did the post go Raymond?

I was flicking thru my RSS Feeds and saw an incoherent post from Raymond Huo on Red Alert, posted at 2:43pm.

I thought, brilliant…I needed something for a new idea called Friday F*ckups….and a post from Raymond Huo was almost certainly going to meet that criteria.

So I clicked thru and got a 404…now this really was a Friday Fuckup…obviously someone has thought better of letting Raymond Huo post inane shit on Red Alert…I mean that is the domain of Clare Curran and Trevor Mallard. Well it is several hours since the post disappeared…it surely can’t have taken that long to re-write it…so it qualifies for a Friday F*ckup.

I did how ever take a screenshot of the post from my RSS Reader so people can enjoy Raymond’s Friday F*ckup in all its glory:


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  • If Labour EVER wants to win one of the seats north of the  Harbour Bridge, they need to stop whining about the Puhoi-Wellsford “holiday” highway. They don’t seem to realise just how importantly the people of the North regard their link with the rest of New Zealand.

  • Sideshow Bob

    Hey that’s pretty funny. Two good ones from labour in two days after Jacinda Ardern’s very witty and obviously much regretted comment on Hamilton.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Only Labour could devalue the dollar from $1.16 to $1.00 just with a stroke of the pen.

    This piece of tom-foolery must have won them – how many votes in Whangarei?

    Negative 500 or more, I’d say. Is National paying them?

  • Grizz30

    So if Kiwirail was not burning a huge whole in the treasury already, Labour thinks it is deserving of another 120 million for a branch line to nowhere? What centuary do they think this is?

  • Jimmie

    Was Mr Huo smoking something strong when he wrote this post?

    Who is he referring to as Labour Whangarei??

    I wouldn’t believe it if he had said $50 to the people of Christchurch let alone $1 Billion.

    Is this meant to be some subtle form of satire -coz if it is I never got it


  • watching

    For heaven’s sake how come the Labour minders allow this bloke out alone let alone allowing him to write anything that will appear in a public forum? Not that I mind Labour twats making bigger twats of themselves, goes with the territory really. Pity about his spelling too….

    • 4077th


  • niggly

    Thanks Raymond! Just goes to show yet again that the taxpayer is paying for a Labour MP’s time (and various other resources) to be pissed down the drain in a symbolic protest that really no-one else noticed (nor cared about) and after today has been confined to the dustbins of history. WOFTAM!

  • niggly

    And how does Raymond explain the “missing” $161,446,600 that has been “siphoned” off (seeing the cheque has been rounded down)? ;-)

    •  That’s probably his commission niggly…

      • niggly

        Woah, he’d then have more “money” than the NZLP!

        If so, I’ll take my hat of to him as an enterprising ingenoius Chinese businessman – he sure shows up the laziness of the remainder of Labour on how to make a buck!

        Nevermind Robertson, Street, Cunliffe or Jones, Raymond would have my support as the next Labour leader! ;-)

  • guest

    So Labour Whangarei have written a cheque for $1B, wouldn’t that be fraud? ;-)

    • Patrick

       No not at all because given the reins of power they will raise the taxes on the “rich pricks” to pay for all these airy fairy headline catching promises.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Guys – Chill….this is Raymond justifying his existence before Sheep Shearer realises he is a waste of time, waste of space and waste of money (just like himself) element. So let him write nonsense like this and bring down whatever vote share the Labourers may still have. I am enjoying postings from poppet Chris and now uncle Huo,

  • ConwayCaptain

    You mean to say we pay these MP’s in excess of $100K pa to write this GARBAGE