Friday F*ckup – Where did the post go Raymond?

I was flicking thru my RSS Feeds and saw an incoherent post from Raymond Huo on Red Alert, posted at 2:43pm.

I thought, brilliant…I needed something for a new idea called Friday F*ckups….and a post from Raymond Huo was almost certainly going to meet that criteria.

So I clicked thru and got a 404…now this really was a Friday Fuckup…obviously someone has thought better of letting Raymond Huo post inane shit on Red Alert…I mean that is the domain of Clare Curran and Trevor Mallard. Well it is several hours since the post disappeared…it surely can’t?have?taken that long to re-write it…so it qualifies for a Friday F*ckup.

I did how ever take a screenshot of the post from my RSS Reader so people can enjoy Raymond’s Friday F*ckup in all its glory: