Germans should have sought English advice

Schoolboys everywhere will be sniggering over the latest Krautwagon called the Titty-Arse.

The Germans should have hired an English marketing consulting before going to market.

A specialised tuning company has turned a run-of-the-mill 360 horsepower Audi TT-RS into a monstrous 600hp beast.

Matt Farah of is the lucky bugger who got to drive the development model at VW and Audi tuning specialists, APR, in Alabama in the US.

Among the upgrades, the company fitted a Stage 3 turbo to the all-wheel-drive sports car to give the 2.5-litre engine real teeth, which Farah delights in pushing along at undisclosed speeds.

“I won’t tell you how fast that was as I would probably go to jail,” he says after booting the little grey Audi along.

Farah said it would fun driving a car that many would think was a “girlie car” and then simply “just destroying them”.

“It’s a real sleeper”.

The stock standard Audi TT-RS was capable of 0-60mph (96.5kmh) in a respectable 4.1 seconds. The turbo-juiced Audi, however, will do that in just 2.8 seconds, which Farah claims is the same as a Porsche Turbo or the famed Bugatti Veyron.


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  • Neil

    Wish I could remember the name of the Japanses Car model back in the 1970’s that had it’s name changed real quick once shown to western auto journos – anyone here remember? It also happened with the Formula One Constructors Association – They wanted to use fica until told what that meant in French – henceforth and quickly renamed and known as FOCA.

  • Guest

    There was the Chevy Nova, that did really badly in latin america (Nova means “it doesn’t go”)

    Also, the Honda Fitta didn’t do well in Scandinavia (Fitta is nickname for “c*nt” in Sweden.

    The Mazda LaPuta didn’t do well in Spanish speaking countries, with Puta meaning “whore”.

  • NotLen

    I bet its fun to drive though.  Nothing wrong with a hot Audi.

  • Eiselmann

    And Pajero is Spanish for W**nker….sold only a handful of them in Spain all the ex-pats apparently.

    • Mike

       They changed the name to Shogun.

      • A-random-reader

        They sell the Pajero as the Montero in Spanish speaking countries.

        The Shogun model name is only used in the US market.

  • MarcWills

    Nice car, butter face?

  • Scanner

    This is one serious little motor car, remind me again about the final score from WW2, as for advice from the poms on motor cars, some how I don’t think so, after all they gave such motoring legends as the Austin Allegro, Maxi, 1100, to name but a few of their great sucess stories.

    • Guest

      Some great cars too

      Jaguar E Type
      Lotus Seven
      Lotus Esprit
      Range Rover 
      Jaguar XJ220
      McLaren F1

      • gazzaw

        You forgot the Lada.

  • JimboBug

    Didn’t an Austrian tuners also produce a tuned up e-type called “The Growler”? 


    The fastest way for a fag hair dresser to get to work ????