Goodfellow and the new McCarthyism

National President Peter Goodfellow has succeeded in introducing into National one of the worst traits of American political thinking – McCarthyism.

Those unfortunate enough to sign up for Candidate’s Fodder, excuse me, Candidates College, have been subjected to a small inquisition.

One would think that pertinent questions asked of future candidates should be ones which disqualify people from holding political office like “Are you subject to any name suppression orders?” or “Have you been charged with any crimes, particularly those involving physical violence?”, “Are any of your companies currently facing charges in any jurisdiction worldwide?”. Surely those same questions should be applied to those who wish to seek office at Regional or Board level…after all they seek to represent the party…albeit outside of parliament.

Instead, the supposedly broadchurch National Party is seeking to exclude people based on political affiliation and/or friendships.

“Are you, or have you ever been affiliated to Simon Lusk?” or “What are your connections to Whaleoil?”, for example.

It’s all very McCarthyist as per the Drunken Tailgunner’s campaign to smoke out imaginary communists from the US State Department.

While ferreting out  future-focused fiscal conservatives who take advice from others than Goodfellow and his stooges might be seen as important, delegates at their conference should ask the questions:

  • Do we want homogenous candidates who slavishly follow the orders of the party president?
  • Do we want a caucus of economic centrists who live for the moment instead of thinking three, five or ten years down the line?
  • Should National descend into factional exclusion or should they accept that broadchurch parties need to tend to base as well as the centre?
  • Is it really so wise to exclude people who are superior campaigners in favour of those who like to stand on street corners and pester motorists with signs?

Or will delegates merely clap enthusiastically for the media, having paid hundreds of dollars to fill up seats in an auditorium?


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  • Johnbronkhorst

    Except for the fact that members of the labour party, in the past, have not been above….crashing national party, invite only, events and recording conversations, hiring private detectives to trawl through MP’s rubbish bins not meantion how Nicky Hagar got those emails…etc etc…….So, not so much McCarthyism as prudent management of the selection process.

  • jsrret

    headlines like this are why the national party might want to know if potential candidates were stupid enough to attend a re-education camp run by simon lusk and his mates…
    Secret minutes reveal split in National’s ranks

    • jsrret
      • Guest

        If its ok to attend a union meeting regarding election campaigning outside of the Labour Party, why is it not ok to attend an unofficial campaign meeting in National?

      • jsrret

        because unions make a real contribution to the labour party and they genuinely want the labour party to win the next election…
        but simon lusk and his mates can do nothing but damage the national party’s chances at winning the next election… and they don’t seem too bothered at the thought of national losing in 2014… they seem to think that if national lose then all the current party leadership will be gone and lusk and his mates will inherit positions of influence within the party…

  • baw

    Now why would be something which was bad to affiliate with, is this because you are still going to be here in some form 6 years from now whereas they be be gone and out. 

    • Long after the tools that threaten are gone I’ll still be here. They just don;’t like people having a different opinion to them. 

      There was a time when the National party prided itself on freedom of speech and differing opinions. Now they just try to cancel membership and silence dissenters.

  • H. Upmann

    National Party definitely  showing a leftward slide under current leadership….