Great Sledge

The Daily Telegraph

Why don’t we have sledges like this in New Zealand politics? This is ALP hit man Sam Dastyari talking about Greens:

“Because I believe they are an extremist party and I do believe they have some very loony policies and what I think they are very effective at is portraying themselves as a kind of peace, love and mung beans party, that all cares about wombats and the trees and the grass and the environment, without exposing themselves to any critique of some of their very wacky policies.


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  • Will

    We don’t have sledges like that because the quote is a pretty good description of how many New Zealanders see themselves. We’re the Waiheke Island of the world.

    • Neil

      Oh pullease……!!

  • In Vino Veritas

    Dastyari’s portrayal of the Australian Greens is pretty much on the money for the NZ Greens, the issue for NZ is that some Labour MP’s here are as extreme left as the Greenies here, so actually agree with their policies!

    • Blokeintakapuna

      They’re gonna have to get along alot better than they are today – because come 2014 election – Labour are going to need to do a LOT of brown nosing up to the Greens so Labour can be a part of any NZ minor coalition.

      The greens might tell Labour that they’re the “last cab off the rank” though – and go with Maori and Mana. Which would have 2 excellent effects…

      Firstly, it would give the Greens some “credibility” and secondly – it would give Labour the big 1 finger “no thank you, but thank you for begging us”

      • AnonWgtn

        No won’t happen. MMP was created by the Greens and power is all that they want.
        The Maori Party seats, ex Hine, will all go to Labour.
        National will not get enough to work alone even if Banks and Dunne are still there.
        It only takes a very small % to leave National. Peters will not be there also.
        Understand that the Greens and Labour are doing a deal to take Coromandel for the Greens again.
        BUT what price will Labour have to make to get into power ?.
        The Greens have taken 20 years to MMP power and will relish the position with Labour impotent.
        Norman wants Finance (and Dep PM)  and Turei Social Welfare.
        God Defend New Zealand – nobody else will as we ceed rapidly into chaos.Labour will have no defence to real left wing Socialism. They will be run by the the Unions shortly under their new rules – Helen Kelly the member for Rongotai will lead a pack of homosexuals.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Are all labour politicians this slow at discovering the OBVIOUS!