Great Teachers are Great Learners

the tipline

This video was sent to me via the tipline…it is certainly some food for thought…though I doubt the teacher unions will want a bar of striving for excellence…they already think our school system is excellent and the envy of the world despite failing 20% in a long brown tail.

Great Teachers Are Great Learners – AITSL from Innovation Unit on Vimeo.


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  • boonman

    Ask any teacher about teacher you like about something called ‘professional development’ – every week we are learning something new, progressing, making our teaching better. All the teachers I know regularly go on courses or conferences to improving their practise and making themselves better at what they do. We don’t just sit there for years stagnating in the knowledge we got from university… We’re not politicians.

    • boonman

      ‘to improving their practise’ – whoops… Point not quite having the same impact as first intended.

    • Mediaan

      Go on courses, when? In the school holidays? Conscientiously using their non-teaching time up?

      No, not likely!

      Bet it is in term time. Chewing up school funds with temporary replacements. Not to mention the course costs and expenses. No wonder so little learning is done.

      • gazzaw

        Sweeping statement Mediaan. Posters here know that I can be as critical as anyone re teachers (or any other employee who gets paid out of the public purse) but  yes teachers do go on courses during their holidays. Good teachers in fact spend a lot of their holiday time  on school related work. You make too many excellent comments on this blog to be caught up in the uninformed anti-teacher brigade. Anti-union YES, anti-teacher no.

        Do you do company-related courses in your holidays & do you pay for them?

        Maybe I’m just one of those lucky bastards who had a great time at school (yes a state school) and benefitted from some great teachers. I do know really good people who teach and who put a lot of their own time & resource into their vocation. Make no mistake Mediaan, there are some huge social challenges out there that get dumped daily on to our teachers & not only in low decile areas. Any of your family members been threatened twice with assault, cleaned up shit in their workplace & supplied clients with food paid for out of their own pocket in the last three months? Nuff said…………

  • Unless the kids are learning, the teacher is not a teacher. More than learning stuff, I want my kids to learn the joy of learning, a character trait that will see them well for years to come.

  • Klinkehoffen

    Hi there,
    If you read the draft charter (, you will see there are some SPECIFIC types of learning that is being recommended:
    On the job learning, such as:
    > coaching and mentoring
    > shadowing and observation
    > team learning
    > giving and receiving feedback
    > critical reflection and action
    > action-based research
    > collaborative analysis of student work

    External activities, such as:
    > work placements
    > assessment and certification against professional standards
    > reading and responding
    > on-line learning
    > workshops, lectures and conferences
    > formal courses and higher degrees
    > sustained research
    > learning communities and networks

    I have several friends who are secondary teachers, and they appear to be exposed to very little ‘alternative’ learning theory and psychology. I teach in a tertiary organisation, and it is something we explore all the time: how best to ensure students get value for money on their course fees. I am not saying that all institutes or lecturers are like that, but I have noticed a difference in ‘customer service’ approach between teachers who are pretty much solely government funded and those where students pay. Just my two penn’orth.