Green Amnesia

 NZ Herald

The Greens are wanting a “crackdown” on illicit casino profits, whatever they are?

The Green Party has drafted a bill that would require casinos to pay back proceeds received through criminal activity.

The Bill will amend the Criminal Proceeds of Crime (Recovery) Amendment Act to impose a special obligation on casinos to return profits derived from significant criminal activity, and which they should have detected.

Green Party gambling spokeswoman Denise Roche said problem gamblers were targeted under the existing law but the casino would not suffer.

“When problem gamblers are convicted of stealing from their employers, or laundering drug money through the casino, everyone suffers except the casino, who pockets the profits.”

“The addict is jailed, and loses their job, their family and friends. Their employer can be ruined. But the casino is better off as a result of the crime. That’s not fair,” said Ms Roche.

This is a curious change of heart.  Because the Greens described the proceeds of crime act as “trash” when it went through parliament.

There is a whole lot more in this legislation that is absolutely outrageous and I thoroughly recommend this House to bin this trash right now.

Further to that in speaking at the third reading Catherine Delahunty confirmed that the Greens opposed totally the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Bill

It is the duty of this House to legislate with a strong sense of justice, as opposed to a strong sense of populism or vengeance, or a misguided commitment to policies that fail to deter crime. Therefore, the Green Party will be voting against the legislation.

There is something just a bit bizarre in this loony Green claim to now be concerned about the proceeds of crime.


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  • Bunswalla

    So if someone embezzles some money and wins the car jackpot at the casino, does that mean the casino can take the car back and refund the $100 spent on the pokies?

    If they can’t profit from ill-gotten gains (assuming they can tell just from looking at the person they’re a crim), then surely they can’t be expected to lose from it either?

    Those watermelons, they never seem to think things through do they?

    • Guest

      unlikely, becuase the tree-huggers will label the poor thief a victim of capitalism…what else could they possibly do?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    …and the Greens would insist on an entirely new government department to monitor, check up and coordinate all this “repatriation” of the said stolen funds / money – which would not only cost plenty to set up and run each year.

    The Greens also don’t factor into account all the hospitality these “thieves” avail them selves of whilst at Sky City – so will Sky City be responsible for ALL the money a thief steals if they happen to spend some of it gambling?

    Or – should the gambler just say they donated it all to the Greens annonymously – so go to the Greens to get their money back?

    • petal

      They obviously will be required to purge, pee, and poo in an audited and monitored receptacle before leaving the premises.

  • CJA

    One question: How in the heck are you going to measure it?

    • gazzaw

      Hard to say CJA but nothing that a public enquiry won’t solve.

  • Phar Lap

    “Greens” worse than Robin Hood or Dick Turpin, at least they wore masks.Wonder what they did with the money they stole from the taxpayer,when they were buying rental properties and renting them to their sycophants. Let us not forget the  $78,000 dollars they are using ,our money, to bribe people for a referenda. .That sounds like theft to me. Seems the retro-virus  ” Green”  Party,are a bunch of thieving chimps or is it chumps.Perhaps it is time that the Auditor General started doing her job,and get a few please explains,from Marxist Norman,and  the  Maori anarchist Turei.

    • Johnbronkhorst

      Except robin hood stole from tax man…ie the govt and gave it back to the peasants ie the tax payers…..a tax refund?

      • Phar Lap

         Quite right teeheehee.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Good idea. Next time I get a speeding ticket I’ll get them to send it to Sky City.

  • Grandstream

    the day is coming when right thinking NZ’ers will see through the green BS…..
    What if someone using ill-gotten funds goes to the casino and wins, lest say $1 million.  Does the casisno have a right to claim that money back  ?

  • Guest

    Presumably they would want this extended to all recipients of ill-gotten funds/goods which would mean you would be able to say “I made cash donations to the Green party of $X amount” and they would have to refund them?

  • maninblack

    The greens are the biggest pack of wankers around. The great unwashed, and young and naive need to be made aware of what voting for idealist green policies actually means for the social policy of this poor country.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    So if a kid steels another kids lunch money and them spends it at the dairy…is that money laundering and should the dairy owner be responsible for preventing it?

  • Patrick

    & this bunch of stoners continue to preach at us from their dole queue. Perhaps any money generated from the sale & supply of dope to these retards should be confiscated & put to good use – drums of agent orange boom sprayed across the Coramandel would be a start.