Guy Hallwright’s real crime

Cactus Kate

Cactus explains that though doing a hit and run is pretty bad, worse is driving a convertible SAAB. Surely even hit and run cocksmokers know they are boat anchors?

Forgetting the in’s and out’s of the case and his likely home detention and financial penalty, Guy Hallwright committed a much larger crime in my view.

While the stereotypical type A cool dude Banker drives one of these:

Hallwright is guilty of being caught driving a SAAB. A convertible SAAB at that.

The shame.


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  • Guest

    The goose must have a hell of an accountant, because he sure loves depreciation with that Saab.

  • gazzaw

    I hope that the fucker doesn’t get away with home D. You would have to be a pretty special sort of bastard to drive off and leave someone with two broken legs.

    Imagine how public attitudes would have been if the racial roles had been reversed – Hallwright the ex SAS man maimed by an Asian banker in a hit & run crime. Fat chance of home D being on the cards – rather, serious jail time.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Never lose sight of the fact gazzaw, that the asian chap would have had chicken legs which would have snapped at the slightest provocation. Maybe it was the air pressure shock of the Saab passing by that caused the breaks?

      • redeye

        ” A former special forces soldier”

    • kim jong un

      To be fair tho, there does seem to be an awful lot of koreans on our roads.
      Every time I look in the rear vision mirror I see one behind me.

      • gazzaw

        So? Does that make them fair game for a hit & run?

      • kim jong un

        honestly gaz, can only assume you must have had a ‘sense of humor by-pass’ at birth.

      • gazzaw

        Apologies KJU, no I didn’t have a bypass at birth. Getting overly sensitive about the anti Asian shit that has been going down lately.

      • kim jong un

        Understood gaz –  was only stealing the old Raybon Khan line about asian drivers. Perhaps a little inappropriate in the circumstances…..

  • Ronnie Chow

      Hallwright is an arrogant man . He drove his car at the guy , hit him , drove at him again and then sped off . He has not apologized to the victim . He deserves a stiff sentence and placement with other violent criminals .
      Lipine Sila was in court for murder as a result of deliberately driving his girlfriend’s car into a group of party-goers. He was sentenced to a 17 year minimum period of imprisonment in June 2008 , and is eligible for his parole application in May 2024.
      Hallwright didn’t give a fuck about his victim , more than likely because he was Asian . I think he ran over the guy on purpose , in a fit of rage brought on by being challenged .

  • Mogal

    The fluff piece in the Herald on Sunday about poor Kim was bull shit. The bloody ambulance staff broke his other leg!!!!!!!!!! Why aren’t they up before the Courts?

    “Kim broke both of his legs in the incident: one in the alleged incident itself and the other when being attended to by ambulance staff.”  –

    • In Vino Veritas

      Chicken legs?

  • Scanner

    How embarrassing being run over by a SAAB, and worse still being driven by a merchant wanker.

  • Cadwallader

    Saab is a queen’s car! 

    • le sphincter

      My aussie friend Bruce Buttercheeks has one

      • Mediaan

        Have to challenge you on that. Know zero about Saabs, but nobody named Buttercheeks would survive to licensing age in Aussie.

  • Islandguy

    Fuck off, I am on my 5th Saab, if you want a car that is fast, safe, comfortable, economical and not gay.. they are perfect.
    I love smoking off tossers in their BMWanks, HSVs (is that an STD?) and XRwhatevers.. all this in a 16 year old, 250000km, stock standard 4 cylinder turbocharged luxury 9000 Aero… that passes WOF’s no trouble, everytime.
    Keep your gay utes Whale.. (-:

    • Bawbag

      What a lot of shite. Clearly you have no idea what the torque is on your vehicle and the fact that an aging car loses power year on year let alone a 16 year old power plant. 
      For a start, a SAAB is a vauxhall with a different body and has been since GM acquired it. The quickest Saab 184kw developed 370nm of torque which is quick if its delivered to the rear wheels however if popped in the front creates torque steer. If you had a brand new version of the 2.5l turbo you could take on a BMW 320 which gay however a 330i has a twin turbo in the power plant that puts out as much torque as the early M3CSL. Yes you may give an old V8 holden say 1995-98 a run with a new 2.5 turbo however soon as your in SS or HSV your mullered, wasted, no chance. HSV V8 has a 307kw power plant. So, you have a 4 cylinder Turbo lag charged Saab which I guarantee if popped on a dyno would produce maybe 150kw even if you fitted a Garret 80 Turbo on it. Its better to know what your talking about before you post bro.
      Here is an example. A Rav 4 ZR6 kerb weight 1.6 tonnes 210kw develops 333nm of torque would crush your Saab.

      • Islandguy

        Saab 9000 platform developed in conjunction with Renault & Lancia (or someone). 9000 Aero Manual 169kw, I don’t remember the torque figure, but.. 

        ” Even over the worst Essex roads its lowered suspension kept everything under control. At speed the Aero is phenomenally quick – 0-62 mph in a heart stopped 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 149mph confirms Saab’s claim that it is a car for the enthusiast. Underlining this is the claim that at 50-70mph the Aero is quicker than a Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari Testarossa or a Porsche Carrera 4. It may not offer the slippery bodyshell of its competitors but the chunky 9000 Aero is a mean machine.” 

        Anyway, this isn’t a wank over your car site, but beware the sexy swedish sleeper with factory heated black leather  Recaros, room to sleep with the seats folded down, and the satisfaction of doing something a bit different.

  • Islandguy

    Forgot to say, cost me under $5K 2 years ago.. my last one is still going strong at 300000 miles.

  • Patrick

    WTF?? How did the ambo’s break his other leg?? Was he trying to escape & they hit him with the bone box or what? Can picture it now – Chinese dude on one leg hopping down the road & the ambulance bowls him ino the gutter – are they paid on commission?

  • Boxerfrau

    Similar has been done before..
    Graeme John McDonald
    Use the SV6 right front wheel to trash the leg of the remonstrator  – and then do a non-stopper..
    The Arubic resident of Gladstone – hey ain’t that just a neighbour to Canterbury # 1.
    from recollection..
    Say 2  x 6 month disqual (but concurrent – so equals 6 months)
    and say 2 x $900 fine – not concurrent so equals  $1800
    and he had that flash Hart (nomme de mutiple) Solicitor  – I think had represented GJM for previous and probably cost a hoot?