Has Trev been advising Vlad?

The Economist

Looks like Trevor has been moonlighting again, this time in Russia not Invercargill:

Vladimir Putin’s regime has run out of ideas, but not of nasty tactics.

As a result, Russia is heading fast in the wrong direction: one that takes it closer to the Soviet past, and away from the European mainstream where it belongs. This is unlikely to work for very long. Harsh measures, such as jailing opposition leaders, risk sparking more protests.


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  • Andrei

    LOL – 
    Vladimir Vladimirovich is the only adult left in the pantheon of world leaders.

    Western Europe is on the verge of collapse – its peoples degenerate and being replaced by Muslim immigrants while the natives indulge themselves in pointless hedonism as they squander their birthrights in an orgy of self entitlement.

    This may well be the Slavic century with Russia the protector and preserver of Western heritage and civilization

  • AnonWgtn

    In Russia Mr Putin is known as “Mr 10%” minimum.
    He takes at least 10% of everything that moves and salts it overseas.
    If the oligarchs do not like it he takes the lot, and jails them for corruption.
    He is still one of the world’s richest men.

    • Mediaan

      Obviously nonsense. How would you have such information?

      He gives it to you, to carry to Switzerland? His mum told you?

  • Johnny T

    Russia has actually done pretty well under Putin, although I suspect this has more to do with oil and gas prices rather than good management. Putin is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he has done pretty well given what he inherited.

    He took some stick over Chechnya, but who would want a radical Islamic state on their doorstep? Russia hasn’t fallen apart the way it could have. Regions with large non-ethnic Russian population (Tartarstan, Buryatia, Tyva, Sakha etc) are still firmly part of the Russia federation.

    Speaking of population, Russia’s long population decline has stopped, and the population actually increased in 2011.

    Russia has many challenges, and many more problems to deal with than we have here in NZ, but when you look at what could have been, Putin has done a reasonable job.