Heathrow Seat Hippo in the wild

A correspondent has just snapped these photos of the rare Heathrow Seat Hippo. Dr. Cat Pause will no doubt have an orgasm over such a behemoth rolling through Heathrow Airport.

Literally taking up 6 seats. Maybe 7. I think her back fat rolls have sucked one seat up.

Hopefully Matt’s cellmate has hooks as meaty as these…it will keep him warm at night.

It has multiple stomachs and frequently rolls over. Some chair arms hidden under that mass

One chair arm has just been released back into the wild after being trapped for god knows how long, I suspect there are more being held captive though.

Seriously though…people like that traveling should be charged excess baggage for their own bodies.


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  • Just been informed that “if I took a shot of her arm hooves and you didn’t post her lower half people will think they are her knee hooves.”

  • Oh and only being identified by the fact that her cankles are in shot, otherwise they’d easily be mistaken for a front row forward’s shins.

    • Travis Poulson

      Cheers for that, just put a wild pork roast in the oven to slow cook. Every mouthful at dinnertime will be tainted with the image of that thing. 

  • Lion_ess

    Looks like Cat Paws to me

  • gazzaw

    I wonder what lucky bugger will get to sit next to her?  

    • Troy

      No-one.. she takes a whole row.  Extra weight needed on the opposite row of seats to maintain balance aerodynamically :)

  • Euan Rt

    I’m just wondering how many people there are under that blanket? I can see a pair of feet at one end and someones’ arse at the other end, and it seems like someone else humping? in the middle under the blanket.

    • Sarrs

      Is it a blanket or a very large dress/tent?

  • ConwayCaptain

    I am not svelte or built like a Norqwegian Racing Sardine.  I was coming back to Akl from ChCh and was sitting in the window seat and this female came down the aisle and I thoughht not here please, not here.

    My luck was out.  As she walked down tyhe aisle her hips touched the seats on each side and she sat in the seat next to me.  Her breasts could have been used as a landing pad for a Harrier Jump Jet!!!

    I sat SQUASHED in the seat, couldnt have a cuppa when offered and had to ho;ld my book up against the seat in front to read it.  By the time I got to Akl I had cramp in the legs and arms.

    A friend was on a long distance flight and a LARGE Orthodx Jew sat next to them, dressed all in black and they STANK as well as being overflowing in the seat.

    I knew someone one in Jersey in the 50’s and he used to book two seats as he was v large but it was from glanular troubles.

    • Dave

      Captain if it happens again, raise it as a safety issue in that in the event of an emergency you will not be able to exit properly the crew will say they will assist, but it’s like a bag not stowed properly, still a hazard If all else fails, suggest you inform the crew it’s a hazard and you intend to report it as an operational incident

      Whilst not strictly operational it will tie them up with paperwork for hours and hours Solution is for airlines to charge anyone who cannot fit in a standard seat (say 110 kg) be forced to pay for an extra seat. Try sending all that bulk as excess baggage it would cost a fortune

  • Richard McGrath

    Some guys like that sort of thing… more cushion for better pushin’.

    • nasska

       I think it’s more the thrill of the discovery that turns them on……pull back the rolls of fat until you smell shit & go back one.

      • Sarrs

        And a bulky load of flour to find the wet spot


    What’s Pork Chop aka Rachel Glucina doing in London??? Is NZ represented in eating ???

  • Guest

    That would be Dr Cat Paus-ay….wanker!