Herald Poll

NZ Herald

The latest Heral/Digipoll survey is out:

National is on 47.5 per cent (down 0.6); Labour 34 per cent ( up 0.8); the Greens 9.1 (down 0.2); New Zealand First 4.4 (down 0.5); Mana 1.7 (up 1.6); Maori Party 1.3 (down 0.4); United Future 0.5 (down 0.2); and Act 0.5 (up 0.5).

Despite the headline the results translate into Nats plus allies 62 v. Labour plus comrades 56.


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  • Owl

    The Greens have dropped an incredible 6% – there anti-job/economy status has really shown them how much they are lacking in substance – no one disagrees that the environment is important but they just show no valid economic back bone. I think their over indulgence in fracking and failure to back up new jobs and a whole lot of cliche talking – got them a few headlines but have they won any concessions for Unions, Students, Teachers and business people?

    I think making same sex adoption a platform for a national election is quite pathetic and while I am sure there are a few gay members party’s held with the green MP’s and the Labour MP’s it is still an elite group of gay people.I think you have to remember gay people don’t just vote labour or greens – actually I think you will find the %age is quite low.

    I pick the green support will drop to 7% by the election and unfortunately NZ First will drop under 5% – there is a big swing to the right  –  a bigger swing that what people have expected – why? will as I have always said this country need leaders at the moment – the left are just full of headline grabbers and self promoters – never under-estimate the intelligence of the voters