Here is an idea for Len


Len Brown comes up with daft ideas…when he isn’t forcing CCOs to rebrand at the cost of millions, or wanting to put in a rail loop at the cost of billions he is sitting in a chair like the proverbial village idiot.

If he wanted to make Auckland truly the world’s most liveable city then perhaps he could consider something like what is happening in New York City:

Payphones in New York City have largely been made obsolete by the fact that almost everybody’s got a cellphone for staying in touch on-the-go. Luckily for the long-forgotten phones that still dot the city’s streets, they’re about to get a twenty-first-century upgrade.

New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications introduced on Wednesday the city’s first payphones-turned-Wi-Fi hotspots. They’re free of charge for any nearby New Yorker (or visitor) to use for connecting his smartphone, tablet or laptop to the Internet. Internet services are being provided in cooperation with Van Wagner and Titan.

So far, 10 payphones spread across Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn have become Wi-Fi-equipped as part of a pilot program.


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  • Paddles83

    I would suggest your village idiot spend sometime in Singapore FREE wi-fi everywhere

  • le sphincter

    Dont you just love the other bit on the sign, in the land of free enterprise, rent stabilised apartments!

    • le sphincter

      We know socialism is rampant in Singapore, so free wifi is old hat, but looks like socialism arrived in NYC before Obama with free wi fi and   state controlled rents

    • Mediaan

      I keep a watch out for statements like, “The average in that area for that sort of house is $xxxx but we were lucky — somebody rang us and told us about this one, just as good, that was going for only $xxx.”. Or “Harry found this super apartment that apparently the owner only wanted $320 a week for.”

      These are often pointers to identifying a corrupt giveaway process.

      The real estate agents are sometimes to be watched too.

  • Hamilton Lad

    And for those with mobiles, this will give you free calls. Check out

  • Mediaan

    Rent stabilised apartments are just a way of crushing landlords.

    Landlords are not stupid. They will react by putting their investment money in other places.

    You have a market to provide rent-stabilised apartments, but stabilised in relation to the supply and costs of the whole apartment sector. It provides a fair and durable stabilisation.

    The other is the same old tired graft and corruption by politicians. They cunningly give away cheap rents to mates – at the expense of disliked individuals (elderly Jewish widows seem to do badly in having their income sources depleted by these mongrels).