How about the unions come clean on their finances


The unions are carping about the Rich List. This sort of nonsense is predictable, in fact I think they just recycle last years press releases.

However as readers have seen I have constantly outlined the deplorable way that Unions conduct their own finances.

The EPMU has serious accounting flaws and it appears systemic losses of members cash. The Meatworkers Union simply ignores common accounting practice and fails to declare all their subsidiaries, apparently with out sanction, hiding millions in revenue from subs.

If the unions want to moan about corporate “tax cheats” then they need to get their own house in order.


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  • Fergus

    The union heads are squirelling away members money son as to run political campaigns to benefit themselves. This money is meant to be for the members, but never has been.

    • Guest2

       I agree – members funds should be used for what they are being put in for. Imagine depositing money into a bank account earning 5% and then get a statement a year later here is your 5% less what we spent getting the CEO elected to the IMF.

  • Troy

    Which govt ministry has the power to investigate this or are they too even being held down by Helen Kelly’s fat ass – well she has access to everywhere else in govt.