How to front foot bad media

The Sun

It is always best to front foot the media when they come for you. Fred Willard shows politicians who are caught in sex scandals the best way to deal with the media. Pretty much they should just say “Yeah I did it, and she/he was a stunning/dud root”. Basically he says he was there, what else would he have been doing there. Now he will be remembered for being funny rather than a sordid, seedy old man:

COMIC actor Fred Willard has spoken publicly for the first time since he was arrested for exposing himself in an adult cinema.

The 78-year-old Anchorman star was allegedly caught with his pants down and genitals exposed at Hollywood’s Tiki Theatre around 9pm last Wednesday.

But it seems he has seen the funny side of his arrest.

Writing on Twitter, Willard branded the X-rated flick “lousy” and claimed the cinema would be a “terrific racquetball court”.

He also promised to deliver his account of the events surrounding the incident.

The elderly actor wrote: “Wait til u hear my version; much more PG. & my review, lousy film, but theater would make a terrific racquetball court. Full story 2 follow.”

There were three films showing at the cinema – Follow Me 2, Step Dad No. 2, and an X-rated parody of The Client List.


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  • swingleguy

    Jesus, if ya can’t expose yourself at an adult theatre.. wtf?
    Maybe they are worried there will be kiddies there.. 
    Reminds me of that old saying.. despite the fact that’s it’s illegal to actually kill people, you can write, read, film, watch etc all manner of gory glorification of the deed..  but woe betide those who
    write, film  blah blah about a range of explicit sexual activity which many find healthy and normal.
    What a world we live in. 

  • Sadu

    Having grown up with easy access to VHS, DVD and the internet, an Adult cinema isn’t something I have had the experience of. But dad explained it to me once – he said you just look straight ahead at the film, and try to ignore the fact that the seats are shaking around you.

    So yeah, nothing to see here, moving right along…