How to lose friends and piss people off


Looks like Tony Cochrane is setting about isolating himself…but then again if he has Len brown and his tame ATEED folk looking after him he probably doesn;t care:

Just a fortnight after the V8 Supercars secured a new home at Pukekohe they’ve moved to stop their drivers racing in New Zealand, and top Kiwis Fabian Coulthard and Shane van Gisbergen have pulled out of the local V8 Supertourer series.

While the V8 Supercars were scrapping on the streets of Townsville, a battle plan was being formulated in the series boardroom.

Three days after Auckland pledged $10 million to V8 Supercars the Australian series moved to stop their drivers racing in New Zealand Supertourer series.

“I don’t know what’s gone on between the two factions but it sounds like a couple of boys fighting in the schoolyard to me,” says Supertourer driver Andy Booth.

In a statement Supercars said: “If a driver commits to a fulltime, professional career with a team in the category, V8 Supercars would prefer that it is their complete focus, on and off the track.

“This is in line with all elite sporting bodies where, as a general rule, athletes do not compete in other codes or competitions, particularly during the primary season of competition.”

Comments from Supertourer boss Mark Petch are though to have sparked the row after he suggested that council money would better spent on the Kiwi series.


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  • 4077th

    What an utter load of shit. It hasn’t stopped Greg Murphy racing in both series? Perhaps that is because he owns his own team and would likely tell AVESCO to cram it with nuts if they tried it on with him!

    • AVESCO have not existed for years. The Australian V8 Supercar Company was restructured and became known as V8 Supercars Australia (V8SA) more than 5 years ago. And since then has taken on another expansion when selling out in part to Venture Capitalists. To show what little you know.

  • Guest

    Very hypocritical of V8
    Supercars.  They welcome drivers from the
    likes of IndyCars and other offshore series to race in their Gold Coast 600
    race in October.

  • rolla

    Welcome to the world of V8 Supershit Cars.

    Remember when the V8’s were getting toasted in their own series, so what did one Mr Cochrane do, effectively ban anything from overseas from competing. Reverting it to a two horse race.

    Only reason Nissan are allowed back next year, is because the series was about to die a slow painful death due to the lack of Aussie manufacturer support. And they had to open it up to other manufacturers, but you can bet anything you like that if Nissan ends up being faster, then the rules will be changed to suit Holden and Ford again. Its Cocharanes modus operandai.

    But you can’t even say he’s innovative in his plans, they’re basically a carbon copy of one B Ecclestone, who has done the same to F1, and now nothing can happen without his say so.

    Only reason they allowed Murphy to race, is because they thought NZV8ST would fallover and die, because that’s what MSNZ told them. Now its successful, they can’t very well turn around and tell him he can’t drive. So they’ve done the next best thing, and banned other drivers from comming across.
    Its all politics, MSNZ doesn’t like the NZV8ST’s as they didn’t come up with them, and they don’t like Hampton Downs, because they don’t own it, and hence they don’t get a cut of the action. Thats the real reason why V8SC aren’t racing there at the better track, because they did what MSNZ told them was best for them. Plus spreading a few nasty rumours along the way about the track being bankrupt (they have money in the bank, and are more profitable than any other NZ track), that it didn’t have resource consent (it does, it just needs a change to max spectator numbers), that the track is too short (its the same length as Pukekohe, and its all laid out to extend, it just needs a user of the longer track length), plus I’m sure some other nasty rumours, that haven’t made it public yet.
    Also its an unspoken agreement that the V8SC’s have to be the fastest racecar on the racing program whenever they appear (F1 race excluded, and they’re not happy about that either, but it pleases the team sponsors), hence why the NZV8’s have been so slow to update technology, and why you don’t and probably will never see a NZV8ST racing at the same race meeting as a V8 Supercar, as they’d possibly be faster.
    Also they sound better, and have flames comming out the exhaust, something V8SC no longer has due to its use of ethanol.

    • Kiwidon

      Spot on mate! When the Sierra cleaned them up the rules changed and, a decade or so later when the Skyline was blitzing the local crap, along came another rule change.

  • Anonymouse coward

    I have never understood why local body politicians loose all sense of reason when dealing with motor race promoters.

    • gazzaw

      Spot on. As a ratepayer I don’t give a flying fuck about motorsport politics and who’s up who and who isn’t paying. All I care about is that our $10 mill is 100% as per the guarantee made by mayor Brown. If its not Lenny boy then consider yourself well and truly fucked come 2013!

  • Anonymouse coward

    I understand the justification given by local bodies for promoting major events is the boost it gives to the local economy by filling motel beds and resteraunt tills.

    On a bang for buck basis wouldn’t it be better to spend the money on high participation sports tournaments which would attract visitors from out of town.

    Say a local body chose to sponser such a tournament, such as touch rugby, the local body could host it at park it allready owns pay to paint the white lines chuck the organising committe a few bucks for postage and tolls, and to finish sponser the prize money so the local Mayor could get his photograph in the paper.

    I’m sure it would cost way less the what they have to pay to host the V8SC

    • the sponsorship money the Auckland council has pledged at 2 million a year is also to promote Auskland in the form of advertising on a world stage. Where the coverage of the V8 Supercar racing is broadcast around the world on television in NZ, Australia, USA and Europe.

      • Anonymouse coward

         So Americans and Europeans are brimming with economic confidence and have their cheque books open and ready just waiting for a televised sports event that enjoys a miniscule following where they live suggest they spend their econimic good fortune in a far away city.

        Great thinkinking, maybe we can sell them a harbour bridge as well.


    MSNZ is just a scam run by a bunch of c**ts who rape the sport for fees from drivers, teams and sponsors. V8 ST beat MSNZ to a better faster car. Maybe look at the set up of MSNZ and the company who really runs it – Just a couple of hacks looking for a fee. V8ST is awesome and the drivers & public love it – MSNZ are just to thick to realise it

  • could it be these drivers pulled out of the V8 Supertourers because the racing is boring, unconstructive and of such a poor standing that it does not hold its own in relation to other forms of the ‘sport’. And I say that after many many years of following the V8 Supercar Championship Series. Nevertheless the NZ V8 Supertourers is just follow the leader. In who qualifies at the front wins the races and is not good motor racing . With little entertainment to reflect in the outcome