I’m calling bullsh*t on their stories

NZ Herald

I know a guy who had a piece of land in downtown Auckland, he paid a peppercorn rental for it…and charged reasonable parking fees per day. His carpark was always full. He once told me that he was approached by a towing company who said they could get him much more for the land by putting up no parking signs and removing all the parking marks and payment systems. They said people will park there anyway, then they pounce, tow them and charge them…splitting the revenue with him.

I also know of another bloke who has a similar piece of land and has had a similar approach. He turned them down, he is making a nice earner from his regular parkers.

Kiwirail and the towing company are obfuscating. I’ll bet dollars to a knob of goat poo that they have exactly that sort of deal going.

A man whose car was towed says he was gobsmacked when the towie said in court that he paid KiwiRail a $120 commission per tow.

Harbour City Tow & Salvage was ordered to pay $160 back to the man, who asked not to be named, after a Disputes Tribunal referee ruled its charge of $250 was unreasonable.

The man’s car was towed from the Railway Station in central Wellington at lunchtime after he parked there to play indoor sports nearby.

He accepted he had parked illegally but, on the advice of Consumer NZ, challenged Harbour City’s fee of $250 as unreasonable.

According to the court documents, during the hearing the tow company said one reason for its $250 fee was “to pay KiwiRail $120 per vehicle towed”.

“It was during the course of the hearing – I don’t believe he blurted it out – but he said, ‘We’ve got to cover our $120 that we pay KiwiRail’,” the man said. “I was a little bit gobsmacked, actually. And I didn’t say anything, because we weren’t arguing over morals or anything, so I was trying to keep to the facts.”

However, both the tow company and KiwiRail strenuously deny such an arrangement exists.


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  • Mike Smith

    Almost hurts me to say this but GOOD post. These guys are having a laugh and need to be reigned in.. 

  • Scanner

    Busted, now just remind me how much money did the long suffering taxpayer stump up to bail out “Busted Fuck” railways last time.

    • Wayne

      Nearly $1bn and, in her own words Annette King stated on Newstalk ZB, she is proud of the fact the Labour Party bought back Kiwi Rail.  

      Perhaps that might give a very clear indicator to all those “lefties” and Labour supporters, just how incompetent this lot are in terms of economics. Toll wanted out of NZ, Cullen should have offered $1 and then told them to “sod off” back to Australia.

      So, we the Tax payers bought a “lemon” for $1bn – very prudent and insightful of that Labour Govt.

      God forbid this country they ever hold the treasury benches again – it will be like the Titanic, but a lot quicker!

      • gazzaw

        Kiwirail was Cullen’s parting shot. “We lost, you won, cop this!”

        And what do the Nats do? Give him a sinecure at Kiwibank. You need to ask yourself why.

  • le sphincter

    Doubt the Kiwirail  head office gets the money….its a nice little earner for the toff that let the contract to the tow truck.

  • Duncan

    I agree. Total BS spin from Kiwi Rail. Will the Herald dig deeper? Probably too busy running front page stories on the Crewe murders that happened back when dinosaurs roamed the earth

    • Chris

      Just watched that 
      Crewe murders  doco, nothing new at all that we didn’t already know.

      Still don’t know who killed our next door neighbour.

  • tarkwin

    I think it’s hilarious, a tow truck operator accidently told the truth! That’ll never happen again.