Is the take over complete?

Labour have appointed Tim Barnett as their General Secretary. That makes three if not four of the most powerful positions in the Labour party all part of the Rainbow faction.

Grant Robertson as Deputy Leader, Alistair Cameron as Chief of Staff, now Tim Barnett as General Secretary and of course Jordan Carter, a key policy influencer. Of course there is also Charles Chauvel, Louisa Wall, and Maryan Street.

Labour certainly looks decidedly top heavy in the Rainbow stakes, not that it should affect the votes of Waitakere Man in the slightest. Perhaps now Labour will have the courage to actually use the words same-sex marriage in their policy rather than skirting around the issue.

Little wonder (if you will excuse the pun), that Shearer has bought off the union faction by ceding control of the party to them with their constitution changes.

The Labour Party has appointed former Christchurch Central MP Tim Barnett as its new general secretary.

He takes up the position on July 26 replacing Chris Flatt who has been appointed secretary of the Dairy Workers’ Union.

For the past year Barnett has been a consultant in Southern Africa “developing political leadership to address the HIV epidemic”, Labour said in a statement.

Labour president Moira Coatsworth said Flatt had been a very strong leader during challenging times, and left the party in a stronger financial position and in good health.

“Tim comes to this role with considerable experience as a political representative and manager of organisations, at a fascinating and exciting time in our history. He will be driving implementation of our Organisational Review, forging a campaign-ready Labour machine nationwide and spearheading our fundraising. All key tasks towards achieving Labour-led government from 2014,” she said.


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  • Beagle

    I bet Damien O’Connor is sitting there with a very VERY smug “i told you so” look on his face.

  • Guest2

    Labour changes leadership votes and now this. Any Labour voter must know now that 60-80% of your MPs will be Rainbow or a Unionist. This is not the party my parents voted for. Add that the greens – traditional left and or previous labour supporters. The religious left surely cant support Labour now – well catholics cant because of the same sex marriage stuff.

    The Left in NZ is clearly in 3 camps – Green, Rainbow and Union. How does Mr and Mrs “middle NZ” identify with any one of these 3 camps.

    Watch this space – Labour will implode so badly – how can you Lead the left in NZ – I am sure if Shearer knocked on Keys door – he will give him a nice posting in London.

    I thought when Jim set up his little new party a while ago was probably onto it but then who did he let in….Lyla Harre – a Unionist big time – what happened – party defunct.

    Copy and paste this everyone – Labour will be all over within 5 years as a little minority party run by Union leaders. The Rainbows will join the Greens and become 15% of vote. Labour will become 15% or less.

    Cut and paste this everyone and happy to tell you – I told you so.

    Seriously Shearer is a nice guy – how do you manage this rubble

    • Polishpride – V

      If only people in this country were intelligent enough to vote based on policy and not based on someones sexual preference….

      • Markm

        If only Labour were intelligent enough to promote people for reasons other than their sexual preference

      • RockyFist

        What are you talking about PP-V. Labours policy is to fuck every hard working person up the arse with their bullshit policies. They just get the practise in after hours.

      • Guest2

         I wasn’t writing about their sexual preference – I was saying the make up of the Labour party is no really split into 3 camps (excuse the pun). NZ needs a strong opposition regardless whetehr it is Labour or National – this dilutes the opposition – the 3 camps of the left are now clearly divided – you dont need to be a rocket scientist for that – Labour was built on the working class – who represents them now?

        I think my post was a fair comment Polish

      • Polishpride – V

        Markm perhaps they are…. yet perhaps this is all you can see.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Polish, then perhaps they are, yet perhaps this is all you can see.

      • Polishpride – V

        Interesting Rocky – I am going to assume you were making a joke there :)
        In the case that you weren’t…. the problem is that like many on here you perhaps haven’t realised that whether its Labour or National moving a little to the left or a little to the right doesn’t make a damn bit of difference in the long run so long as the system stays the same. 

      • Polishpride – V

        Guest2s comment – “This is not the party my parents voted for. Add that the greens – traditional left and or previous labour supporters. The religious left surely cant support Labour now – well catholics cant because of the same sex marriage stuff.
        The Left in NZ is clearly in 3 camps – Green, Rainbow and Union. How does Mr and Mrs “middle NZ” identify with any one of these 3 camps.
        Watch this space – Labour will implode so badly..

        I was being facetious with my comment and the only reason I am not going to slam him again in this response is because too his credit he has come back on and explained/clarified his comment further to show it was not intended as I had taken it.

        Guest 2 – I still disagree with your comment in principle but given the subsequent explanation and the fact that I think personality politics has crept into the NZ psyche in a big way…….you could have a valid point  

      • Bunswalla

        PP-V Personality politics hasn’t crept in recently, it’s been around since Norman Kirk if not before. When the little grey mouse Rowling was described by Muldoon as “a shiver looking for a spine to run up” the die was irretrievably cast.

        It’s not just politics of personality, it’s politics of the soundbite, of the photo opportunity, of photoshop, of the worm, of social media and more – the issues are for the most part incidental and the spoils go to the boldest and strongest personalities.

        Clark knew this and milked it, she was the mistress of the soundbite and the beneficiary of some of the most generous airbrushing known to man. Mr Jan Trotman is a past master of the soundbite and the smirk – how else could he have survived so long?

        None of this is new – John Key is getting such a charmed run because, well, he’s charming and agreeable, and is happy to turn up to the opening of an envelope and be a cheer-leader as well as a leader.

  • Rockyr

    It seems the same with all enterprises that when you get a rainbow near the top then they attract a gaggle of similar inclination around them. Labour is setting itself up to emulate the last Labour Government which focused on sexually deviant reforms and family destructive reforms  and little else.

  • homosexualagenda

    Sorry – how is it a story that they are all gay? “Take over” – really? This is the sort of story I would expect from the US. I was surprised to not find the phrase ‘homosexual agenda’ couched within this article.  

    Barnett, Robertson, Cameron, Carter – they’re all brunettes too – maybe it’s a diabolical plan by the dark-haired masses to overthrow their Aryan overlords! Good grief…

    • Jimmie

      Carter a brunette? Please!

      Maybe in the dark? 

      The last time I saw a picture of him he was the proverbial bald badger.

    • Tim

      You have a point there of course, but I think the issue is more that it is a little lop-sided and not exactly representative of there supporters. 
      Whether or not you have a problem with that depends on the individual, although it shouldn’t really matter in this day and age.

      • Intrigued

         Sorry Tim – it does matter. This is a continuation of the social engineering started by Helen Clark and designed to break down the traditional values our society holds dear. We need a group of people who are not afraid to highlight it (not caring if they are castigated for doing so) and ensuring that these Labour Party leaders who have no ability to understand what the majority of us stand for, are not allowed to gain any traction in influencing the direction of New Zealand

  • Cows4me

    No more Liarbore party, what about the Gaybore party.

  • gazzaw

    It is a very sad trend. My parents & grandparents were rock solid working class Labour supporters from coal mining and steelworker stock. They wouldn’t recognise this mob at all, as I am sure neither do tens of thousands of current Kiwi workers. There’s no empathy there with the gay & the green factions and the unionists are a joke. At least with Skinner, Walsh & co you had blokes who got down and dirty with the workers & didn’t ponce around waiting for a spot to turn up to get shoehorend into parliament.   

  • Timboh

    One of the Labout MPs that really creeped me out was TIm Barnett. That guy really has an agenda.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If you look at the Labour Parties inn the UK.Aus?NZ at tghe end of WW2 and and now they woulod not recognise them.

    Thjey have no affinity with the workers at all.

    As Damien O’Connor said full of Gays Lesbians and self serving uniuonists

  • Vlad

    No problems with an MP being gay or whatever orientation, do what you like in your spare time.  Grant Robertson, in my opinion, is an MP who happens to be gay & so what.   Barnett on the other hand seems to be a person with a mission, and it is not broad-based.   So to speak.  

    • gazzaw

      His Prostitution Bill was a great success. Ask anyone in Papatoetoe.

      • Vlad

        Agree completely gazzaw, and what else has he done?

      • Alex

         The fault lies in the local councils in their inability to design decent by-laws.  I’ve always supported legalisation, but think they should have allowed sex workers to ply their trade in brothels (and pay taxes and rates), and totally prohibited street prostitution (and made it an offence for either party to participate in a transaction).

  • Alex

    Truth be told: Barnett (despite his initial championing of Rainbow Labour) is an example of someone who manages to connect to the working class vote without the need to display his gay credentials. 

    I had a fair number of dealings with Barnett down in Christchurch, and obviously did not agree with his viewpoint.  But there was no doubting that he was sincere and honourable, and that he was more of an old style leftist than the Auckland mafia headed by Clark, Carter and Tizard. 

    He also became respected as an effective MP in Christchurch Central, which was (pre quake) very working class.

    If I recall too, Barnett was a bit of a pariah during the Clark era, and wasn’t exactly enthused by Carter and Robertson and the smarmy North Island liberal elite that had captured the party.

  • Jimmie

    I don’t believe the pc myth that pollies (or anyone) have separate private and public lives.

    Unless they are completely schizophrenic what they think/act in private will translate into their public persona.

    Pollies have one personality and to be honest a lot of what they show in public is just an image projection contrived to what they think the public want to see (some would say an example could be the Clark/Davis marriage)  

    If you lack good character in private you will end up compromising your principles in public.

    A great example of this is Graham Capil. He put on a great public image as being an upstanding christian when in reality he was a kiddie fiddler. This caught up with him and brought him down.

    Look at Phillip Fields. Supposedly a great example to the PI community – Minister of the crown and all that – but his private lack of principle sent him to jail.

    Plenty of other examples (Think Shane Jones??)

    If I had to make one rule for Pollies to remember and stick to it would be the scripture that goes:

    Behold your sins will find you out. Whatever is spoken in secret will be shouted from the roof tops.

    The one concern that I have with Labour  (gay and non gay MP’s) is only a few years ago they started pushing to lower the age of consent to 12.

    This wasn’t driven by any great public groundswell to allow kids to copulate – it appeared to be driven internally. This worries me as why would principled MP’s be wanting to make it legal to have sex with young kids.  (I just hope it wasn’t for personal gratification)

    I think issues like this was the primary cause for turning voting public off Labour when Clark was in charge.

  • Fascinated

    Stand up straight and be proud to be a member of the Labour Party – or maybe bend over backwards (or forwards)!
    How the hell did Shearer allow this occur ???

    • Rodknew

      The unions have created this. Watch them absolutely screw over the labour brand. Shearer won’t last. I want to know what they have been doing with my fees

    • Phar Lap

       A latent wish maybe?.

  • Random Punter

    Anyone heard from Kosh lately?  I’m starting to worry about him.

    • Pukakidon

       Hes joined the Liarbour party

    • gazzaw

      Probably had the quieteners put on him by his school which is fair & square in the centre of Tory country.

  • Phar Lap

    Darren Hughes will complete the male love nest.Heard he was seen snooping around the grounds of Parliament.Just a matter of time before he gets back into the leap frog party.

  • watching

    I’m with Timboh, Barnett is such a creep. I f he wants something to do he can come and sort out the stuff up that is street prostitution in South Auckland. He created it or at least enabled it to happen so it would be a good idea if he made it go away. Even driving it back underground would be OK

  • LesleyNZ

    Think they need to change the name of the Labour Party. No wonder one of my usually staunch Labour friends is now voting Green colour.