Is this true here?

Sydney Morning Herald

The ALP is on full attack against the Greens in Australia…there is some thinking that it is because the Greens would like to see legacy industries collapse which are of course the stronghold of tired old union heavies:

In short, many Labor MPs and trade union officials believe that the Greens do not care about job losses in what they regard as environmentally unfriendly industries. And they have a point. For example, writing for on May 28, the NSW Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon, and a freelance writer, Paul Fitzgerald, called for the scrapping of Sydney Airport and for a replacement to be built outside the Sydney Basin. Such a policy, if implemented, would destroy thousands of jobs and devastate the Australian economy.

Could it be the same issue exist in New Zealand?….I certainly think so. The same antagonism by Greens for mining, heavy industry and the like is there as well as the Greens poaching some hard left support as well as the urban tree-hugger Mums. Remember Clare Curran crying foul that the Greens were stealing Labour’s rightful voters?


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  • gazzaw

    Does anyone know about Norman’s background? How & why is he in NZ and how much influence do the Aussie Greens have over him? He appears to have done nothing in NZ other than work for the Greens. Who pulls his strings?

    • Phar Lap

       All you want to know about Russel Norman .Google his name plus Activist Australia.Seems he was bad news over there ,and worse here.He is known as being arrogant and heavy handed ,even in the Green Party.

      • Phar Lap

         In fact he is bad news for NZ,If the voting public knew how dangerous his politics really are ,he would get no votes at all.I always thought he was in NZ ,FOR THE ONLY REASON, HE SAW NZ VOTERS AS DUMB, AND EASILY MANIPULATED.The Aussie are not so “Green”

  • davewin

    There is also a Green MP – a female – with a strong American accent. Does anyone know anything about her and her background. Although loopy like all in that party she at least seems to have a winning personality. But….??

  • mister nui

    It’s not very often I agree with a unionist. But Paul Howes from the AWU was on Sky last night tearing the Greens a new one – he was brilliant and so very on the money. I wish some from Labour and the Unions had the balls to call the fuckwit greens out on their lunatic ban everything policies.
    See if you can find the video Whale and put it up.

    • gazzaw

      Labour could hold a public enquiry about the fuckwit greens.

  • Raider580

    Well if the Greens are so bad in Aus why did Labor sign a pact with the greens to govern the country.
     Bunch of Hypocrites.

    • Macca

      Because like the left here, they will do ANYTHING to hold on to power!  Just look at the Clark regime with that idiot Peter’s! 

  • Patrick

    They signed a pact because they were desperate for power – & Julia would have looked a fool if her party had been thrown out at the voters first opportunity. Remember she rolled Rudd & foisted herself upon the Australian voters.
    Now as they realise the Greens are eating into their vote they have decided to trash & bad mouth them for all they are worth to try to reclaim what they believe to be rightfully theirs – any left leaning voter.
    Much the same will happen in NZ soon as it dawns on NZ Labour that they are headed for a disaster at the next election.

  • Patrick

    Question is – if enough signatures are collected can this petition be made binding on the government. Perhaps a political party could use their budget to collect signatures…..

  • Mediaan

    A lot of Greens and Labs have either an Aussie bit of background or a strange long gap in their background. Or both.

    Should be disclosure of all periods of their history.