Kerre on Macsyna

Herald on Sunday

Kerre Woodham has some words for Macsyna King….and none of them is sorry:

Macsyna spoke very well in the interview but towards the end, the poor me’s started to get on my nerves.

Sure, she may not have inflicted the fatal injuries on her twins but if she loved those babies so much, why had she not picked up the earlier rib fractures the twins suffered, before they were fatally injured?

Everyone understands mothers of new babies need to take a break, but most new mothers don’t bugger off for close to 24 hours when their children are so young, especially when they know the father of those babies is angry and resentful at being left in charge.

Macsyna said for years she had endured taunts and horrible words from members of the public and she and members of her family had had threats made against them.

While I don’t condone vigilante justice, does she really think her hands are clean when it comes to the death of her children?

If my child had been killed, I would spend the rest of my life blaming myself for her death. Trying to paint herself as an innocent victim doesn’t work for me.

Yes, we all make mistakes as parents, but most of ours don’t result in the death of our children. Yes, she’s suffered for the mistakes she’s made – but not as much as those twins suffered. They’re the ones buried six feet under; she’s alive and well and walking the Earth.

Some who saw that interview felt enormous compassion for Macsyna King – they told me so on the radio. Good on them. I wish I had their depth of humanity.

But I used all my compassion for those defenceless twins. The mother, who made her own choices and must bear the consequences of her decisions, can take care of herself.


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  • thor42

    Kerre is a lot gentler on King than I would be.
    King is an oxygen thief. If only we still had the death penalty, society could be rid of her (or “it”, as she should be called) once and for all.   

  • gazzaw

    She is happy to be a participant in the conspiracy of silence and as such is equally culpable as the murderer. How could any adequate human being cover up for the death of her own children? No doubt she is just angling for the big payola offer to come from a glossy more concerned about their circulation than their reputation. Let’s hope that WINZ has all of the dots joined together should she get the big pay cheque.

  • Mr_Blobby

    After careful consideration……………………. No the bitch should be sterilized.

  • David

    The Campbell interview was compelling because I was waiting for him to ask some pretty hard questions. If our media wishes to take that sort of a line and see her as a victim well Owen Glenn would be better off bonfiring his 8 million.
    If I was Mazda, the shows sponsor, I would be appalled being associated with that. Sure they have no editorial influence but would you really want your brand tied up with that nonsense.

    • Euan Rt

      Wasn’t Campbel just a pussy? “oh poor wee petal; your just a poor petal; I want everyone to understand your just a poor wee petal”. No John you are the poor petal! No ability to check all the facts available before interviewing, and if you were given strict guidelines for what questions were allowed to be asked then you need to say “no thanks, I don’t believe in biased interviews”, but then we know that’s not the truth don’t we?

      • Neil

        It was nothing like an interview……more like a scripted presentation. I still have worries that she fled the house after giving the twins another bash and telling the dumb fuck “father” you want them you look after them – and he finished them off – why did Campbell not ask about the previous injuries the twins had sustained and why did he not ask “So how are your other children?”

    • Sooty

       My question is did she get paid by Campell Live for the interview???

  • Andrewo

    Same goes for the mother of Coral Burrows (remember thyat case?)

    She shacked up with an addict with about 80 prior convictions. What sort of a mother puts her baby into that kind of danger?

  • LesleyNZ

    Perhaps those who are saying not so nice things about Macsyna King should read the coroner’s report before getting so worked up. According to the report there was nothing negative from the authorities concerning the care Macsyna gave to her babies. Looking back, the media did a good job painting a picture of what happened according to their interpretation. We should know by now not to always believe what the media is reporting – why do you think we have blogs such as this one? I am sure she will take guilt about what happened to her babies to her grave but it appears that she has been telling the same consistent story about what happened that night – the father of her children has not been. I thought it was a very good interview – and I am not a Campbell Live fan.

    • Lesley I completely disagree. You imply that because she gave them a nursery & fed them that it is job well done. But it was far from it. She left those children in what the coroner described as an unsafe environment, failed to seek medical attention for injuries “suffered” by them – which was quite clearly the result of earlier abuse, then buggered off for time out leaving them in the sole care of their abuser… abuser that begged her to come home (which to me was his way of saying I cant cope). And then there is the minimal hospital visits, the fact that one of her children had already been removed from her care due to neglect. How you can then feel that the media coverage was anything but completely justified is beyond me. When it comes to child abuse it almost doesnt matter who lifts the hand, as anyone who stands by & allows it to continue to happen as just as guilty as the person inflicting the harm. Most parents would sooner die than have someone harm their child. Yet she stayed alive & well in the same damn house!

    • Callum

      6 kids/meal tickets and has been unable to keep any of them.
      Brilliant parenting there.

    • Steve and Monique

      And let’s not forget that those three month old twins had not been fed for between 18 and 24 hours before they died. And don’t get me started about the code of silence, anyone who bands together to protect an animal like that, deserves more than a few harsh words by people on a blog site. Particularly when one of them is the mother of the victims. They all have a part to play amd a price to pay. That abomination of a mother could not lie straight in bed

    • Dave

      Lesley.   Sorry, but your on your own there, I agree completely with Unsolicitedious, Callum and Steve and Monique.   A parents job is to nurture and protect their children, to go without if necessary so their children are catered for.   Look to so many cases in the third world, where parents go without for extended periods to nourish and care for their kids.   At any point, this terrible excuse for a parent could have said STOP, STOP the parties, the abuse and carrying on like this.   One phone call, JUST ONE.   CYF’s my kids are in grave danger, i can’t cope, my partner is out of control, please take our babies to a safe haven…please.  Did she make the call.  NOPE.  Did she know what was going down.   HELL YES.    Quilt by association, Complicit, YES.

      Lets stop being PC, her or any of her family and so called friends could have prevented this, and spoken out, asked for help, but NO, they are ALL as guilty as hell.   ITs time for them, (and in general Maori (Not a racist comment, look at history)) to start SPEAKING out against child neglect and Violence.   

      Please re-read the comments above, I firmly believe readers of this blog, and probably 90% of NZers do not agree that her, whanau and hangers on are innocent.   

      I actually hope she is treated just like her children for a few weeks, not to the point her and Chris Kahui DIE like her children did, but so she actually understands. Most people in NZ treat their pets far better than those poor defenseless kids were treated.  Poor Me, yeah right.

      Its time for social change, time to protect ALL kids from this neglect.  

    • Mully

      Are you high? She’d had all her kids taken off her. I have read the coroner’s report and I noticed that she rarely visited the kids in hospital and felt “disrespected” when the dr told her to spend more time with them. Plus there were the historic broken ribs that she did nothing about.

      She may not have inflicted the fatal injuries, but she’s as culpable as anyone else.

      And that Campbell “interview” was a disgrace. “poor me, everyone’s been mean to me” and not a fricken word about her dead babies.

      • LesleyNZ


  • LesleyNZ

    Interesting opinion from Tapu Misa:
    Sympathy for the mother of the dead Kahui twins

    • Boss Hogg

      That was not interesting.  The most intersting thing to note is that Tapu has had a hair do and found some lippy.

    • Dave

      Lesley, please really.   Getting Tapu Misa to say poor Macsyna would be pretty close to having Chris Kahui say it was the Tanawhai.   She has ZERO credibility on the subject.   Her role, a commentator on Maori and pacific island affairs.  What is she supposed to say, that Masyna could have helped to PREVENT the deaths, which she could have.  Nope, not in her journalistic career, it would damage her relationships with Maori too much.

      I would afford Tapu more credibility had I not read a lot of her other articles, where she skirts controversy and neatly praises people, while the majority of the community see otherwise.   And had she actually said, (something like) there are cultures within the community that are more at risk than others, that i ask the elders to closely monitor, and interact with such families, i call on these leaders to meet and discuss ways to prevent any child being injured…..  Make a stand, Lead please.

      Message to Tapu – Please use your influence to do something, not just skirt around it and pick out nice words.   Remember, She didn’t go for a couple of days rest at a relatives home and sit in front of the tele knitting and watching Coro Street, she went on a BENDER, and has had all her kids REMOVED, but i suppose those that are STILL covering it up, are protecting the guilty.   Are you complicit Tapu by not seeking social change in at risk families and cultures?

      Disclosure:  I grew up in Porirua, moved away for work, moved back and raised by own kids there, it is a tough neighborhood Tapu, as I am sure you are aware.