Key is a lock for Marriage Equality

NZ Herald

John Key is locked in as supporting the Marriage Equality bill.

Prime Minister John Key says he’ll vote in favour a bill to allow marriage equality for same-sex couples because it won’t impact on his relationship with his wife.

Mr Key said on Radio Live he would use a conscience vote to vote in favour of a bill allowing gay and transgender couples to get married.

He signalled his support for the bill in its early stages, but said he was unlikely to change his mind over the course of the debate to allow same-sex couples to marry – given it was a conscience vote.

“You go through all the merits of the argument and look at what people put up; but my view is that if two gay people want to get married I can’t see why it would undermine my marriage with Bronagh,” he told Radio Live.


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  • le sphincter

    Locked in ?. You dont know John Key very well do you. I see him supporting the ‘process’ and  100:1 odds he will be out of the country when the  final votes comes.
    This comes  from a guy who used to listen to parliament  on his car radio   but cant remember if he opposed the springbok tour !

    • Joe Bloggs

      If only you were able to channel your energy into a creative and productive outcome, you’d move mountains, arsehole. 

      But right now, your incessant negativity is as useful as a haemorrhoid.

      Why don’t you fuck off back to Willis Street and give your master a spine and some visibility lessons?

    • axeman

       Encore une fois le chutney chute … Va te faire foutre, trouduc

      • le sphincter

        prendre une tasse de béton et de durcir jusqu’à

  • LesleyNZ

    Hmmm – so that means a lot of people will be voting a bit differently next election.

    • Travis Poulson

      Yep. He’ll have to try and replace my vote (if he runs again).  I’m “locked in” to that 2014. 

      • Gayguy

        Yes yes we all know you are against human rights for those you disprove of Travis. 

      • Travis Poulson

        Go back to sleep Gayguy. Come back when something decent to say, instead of typing out the first idiotic thought that pops into your head. 

      • Gayguy

        Telling the truth is not considered decent by your standards Travis?

        I am not surprised. 

  • Bea

    Neither can I remember much about the tour because it wasn’t a big issue for me or my family and friends.We didn’t even talk about it much and we definitely didn’t have any arguments. I couldn’t tell you what my parents thought yet they were keen followers of the news.  

    I think some of those (mainly left-wingers) who go on and on about it see it as a badge of their protesting youth and have blown it all up into a kind of ‘civil war’ when for many of us it was a sideshow to our daily lives.

  • Let the hopeless progressive John Key, who really belongs in the Labour Party, stand where he wants to on this.

    There is a large percentage of voters who are strongly opposed to the
    homosexual invasion of the institution of marriage, and Key will pay a
    heavy electoral price for his support of this action.

    Key has been the biggest disaster the National’s have ever had as a leader.

    Elected on a wave of distaste for socialism he squandered that political capital in sucking up to racists and the left wing.

    He had such a great chance to change NZ for the better and he let it slip away.

    • Mitch

      There is an even larger percentage of voters that are for it. 10 years ago the majority was against it, now those in favour tend to come in at around 60-70%.

    • Gayguy

      I think you will find RB that there is a large number of kiwis FOR full gay rights equality in all areas of life, and it is people like you who are out of step with reality. 

    • Super_Guest

       Why do you care so much? It boggles the mind. What is the homosexual “invasion” of marriage going to do? “Damaging cultural changes”, I don’t think I’m going to place much heed in the thoughts on what constitutes cultural damage from the man with a “provocative” Confederate flag display picture.

      • Rodger T

        They care because  SG, ……….

  • Apolonia

    John Key will be remembered as NZs best Labour prime minister, a man with the courage of other peoples convictions. 

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    As always John Key is right on the money. When two people are in love and want to enter a relationship – how they do it and who they are is none of anybody’s business. We need to support this bill and hopefully the conscience vote will allow this to happen.

    • Apolonia

      The adult-child love association say the same thing.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

         Apolonia – I guess the bill we are discussing is between two consenting adults and I hope you understand that….

      • Mitch

        Nobody is fighting for the rights of a Priest to marry an Altar Boy, Apolonia.

      • Apolonia

        “when two people are in love and want to enter a relationship-how they do it and who they are is none of anybody’s business.”  Sir Cullen’s Sidekick.

        Sounds like a prescription for kiddyfidlers

        Why not just leave the definition of marriage alone.

      • Gayguy

        Care to explain what you are implying by that comment?

    • Alex

       Agree.  Key is a cunning bastard, that’s for sure.  If he hadn’t come out today and said what he did, Labour would have used the gay marriage debate to show it is “more caring and enlightened” than National.  Key has stolen Labour’s thunder, and will have endeared himself to the young and female vote in taking this position.

      As for Finlayson, he is in the invidious position of being gay and yet trying to be a good Catholic, so don’t be surprised if he swings against gay marriage.    Don’t get how someone can belong to a Church led by someone who seeks to demonise homosexuals, but then that’s just my opinion.

      •  ” Agree.  Key is a cunning bastard, that’s for sure.”

        Rubbish. key is a hopeless progressive who should not be within a light year of the leadership of National.

        He thinks like a leftist. That’s why he cannot articulate any argument against homosexual invasion of the institution of heterosexual marriage.

        Maggie Thatcher (for one example of a real politician) would be thundering away and drawing people to her point of view with stirring rhetoric.

        Key is just a politically dysfunctional wet liberal with no idea of what his party really stands for, and that’s why all he can ever come up with is either compromise and/or betrayal.

      • Alex

         You should read Thatcher’s autobiography.  She was exhorted by her morally conservative supporters to vote against a Bill giving full rights to illegitimate children.  These supporters argued that it would “degrade” the relationship between parents and legitimate children and encourage illegitimate births (sound familiar?)  Thatcher voted in favour of the Bill because she believed that her conservative principles required the law to actively protect children and promote family cohesion. 

        Seriously RB: if all progress is “Marxism”, then why aren’t you advocating reversing all progressive changes over the last two centuries?  Why not say argue that women should be denied the vote, that miscegenation should be outlawed, that sexual activity ourside marriage should be illegal etc etc.  Or do you?

        Being Conservative does not mean being reactionary.  Change is part of life.

  • Troy

    The sky won’t fall in, the sun will come up and the birds will sing as per usual after it becomes legal – and months after most people will wonder what the fuss was all about.  The negative minority view won’t have any effect on the minority few that get married – geesh i’d have thought there was much more to worry about than the love of two people that the opposers don’t know which somehow negatively impacts on said opposers life.

    • LesleyNZ

      But just another undermining of the traditional family unit.

  • Gayguy

    Well if Key follows through on what he has said (something he does not always do) I will be more than happy to say I was wrong about which way he would vote on this. 

    I wont say I am wrong about his attitude towards homosexuality, as this is almost certainly a political vote for him, but I will be happy for his vote. 

  • TayheiNotts

    This is the final straw.
    Marriage is a contract between man and woman.
    If the only political party in N.Z. that agrees on that, also wants to make a 25% impost on all taxable income to give those funds to the indigenous people; then that party will get my vote, and my substantial support.
    This matter is axiomatic.
    What part of what I have written do you shirt lifters not understand.

    • Mitch

      The bit about voting. You’ve got to be 18 years of age, and I don’t think they’ll let your kindie teacher put a vote in for you.

    • Gayguy

      Marriage is how society defines it. We can make it what ever we like, just as it always has been. 

  • Alex

    Redbaiter at his infantile best.  Well let’s see the Conservative Party win some seats –but just make sure it does so without (1) thinking that National (the party it openly attacks) is beholden to gift it a seat; and (2) engaging in lies about polls in Rodney.   Fat chance.

    • Gayguy

      Actually I don’t think the Conservatives will win any seats. This will all be passed and no one will know what the fuss was about by next election. 

      • LesleyNZ

        You reckon? I voted National last election – so too did most of my family and friends.