Stunning iPhone cover


This iPhone cover is a thousand kinds of awesome….a stun gun!

Looking to ward off attackers? Well, there’s no app for that, but there is this.

A couple of inventors in Baton Rouge, La., are offering limited-editionYellow Jacket iPhone cases that double as stun guns

The case will emit 650K volts, which is enough to take down an attacker. Not only that, but it will add 20 hours of battery life and come in three colors — black, white and pink. Prices start at $85 and there’s even a Family Pack of four for $380. However, you can only get those deals if you contribute at least $1 to Yellow Jacket’s Kickstarter-like funding program. The inventors — Seth Froom and Sean Simone — are trying to raise $100,000. So far, they’re about 5% of the way there. (And yes, an Android version is in the works.)


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  • Ferryls

    thats a very reasonable price

  • MikeR

    Ferryls it’s probably US dollars!!!!! But I’m in for one ( it’s probably illegal in NZ,  as are all Stunguns) but with violent crime in NZ, ( and no one effectively enforcing our laws – i.e. Politicians / Police )  lets get a law change petition going ASAP, as in reality we all need one, just to go the Diary nowadays.

  • Spiker

    Can’t be hurting the bad guys in NZ now. Tools of self defence are not fair.

  • Caleb

    please dont rob me.. here, have my iphone.

  • Blackrosesarge

    The Pigs don,t like any competition.These could make more of them redundant..

    • le sphincter

      100 to one the people using them would be crims!

      You guys never learn. 

      8 people killed by hunters in last decade… as in DEAD

      Not a peep here. Ohh someone says a few tiny unions are ‘late’  filing accounts is big news.

      If 8 people were killed by a small minority – not hunters but union officials there would be outrage here!

      • 8 in ten years…sounds dreadful…how many thousands of hunter were actually in the woods over the same 10 years. 

        I bet more hunters died driving to the place they were going hunting than have died hunting.

        You are an idiot when it comes to firearms.As for you comment re crims…your solution would see the entire populace disarmed…except the crims…they are never disarmed…they don’t follow the law..that is why they are criminals…idiot.People deserve the right and the tools to adequately defend themselves…and the Police is not the answer…when a meth head is kicking in your door the 10 minutes it will take the Police to get there is about 9 minutes after you are dead.

      • TravisPoulson

        Almost there Whaleoil, he’s not just an idiot when it comes to firearms, he’s an idiot when it comes to history, politics….oh pretty much everything. 

        Wonder how many have died in that 10 years going fishing. 4 in 1 dinghy just a couple of months ago. Then there was the boat that went down in Foveaux Strait, another 4 people, then the other Foveaux strait sinking several years ago, the Kotuku, oh, theres another 6 people…..those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. Pretty sure there’ll be dozens more if I bothered to research, but then I already know you’re uninformed and open your trap without thinking. 

        8 hunters dead in 10 years, bloody hell, get TNVZ to cease the current program and launch a 9/11 style round the clock coverage on this devastating breaking news.

      • GregM

         From the water safety council website:

        “This Year As At 12 July 2012 : 54 | Same Time Last Year : 71”..Deaths.

        Going for a swim is a hell of a lot more dangerous than going on a hunt.

      • axeman

        John, va te faire foutre

  • GregM

    It would be my luck to sit on it and end up welding my spuds together