How to sell drugs


Interesting video from Vice about making drug dealing a professional business:

Ever wonder how to sell $100,000 worth of drugs in a week? We learned the secrets of a drug dealer in NYC – a man who will deliver any substance you want, 24/7. He told us everything – from where he gets his drugs to how his crew operates. Come with us as we take a rare look into the dangerous life of a NYC drug delivery-man.


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  • Ford

    get the cops to sell it for you

  • Nicthemexican

    Whale, have you seen Vice’s Travel Guide to Liberia? horry shit…

  • Jax

    Almost seems fake,  You dont have to be a super detective to work out who this guy would be, you see his car,  his general build and he describes his family and father in depth not to mention his own history in terms of criminal record and where he served time and how.   Wouldnt take a genius to work out who he is.