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A regular reader writes:

Afternoon Cam

Thought you might be interested in this:

I responded to a call by One News Corin Dann on Twitter about the upcoming sale of shares in Mighty River Power (Any first time share buyers who are looking to buy into Mighty River Power and are keen to talk on TV, send me a DM)

The phone call came from his producer in Wellington and we went through some questions over the phone before I agreed to front up on camera and give my reasons for wanting to invest in the upcoming SOEs. All good until I answered one little question that I knew was going to kill the entire interview before it begun: “What political party do you belong to?” Being the all-honest person I was I replied “National

And that was that, all over after TVNZ deduced I was too close to the party (I am just a regular member) for a balanced and independent approach on the SOE investments I was planning to make. Too close despite being of sound judgement and mind and very independent to what I think – and that includes telling MPs, Ministers and The Board they are pure idiots when they are pure idiots (Conference and all the backslapping) AND praising them when they do something good like this SOE scheme.

The final question they did ask was: “Do you know anyone not in a political party that would front up on the 6pm news.” My answer was “No.” (The non political party ones would not be interested anyhow)

Ah well I wonder who will front up tonight on the 6pm news…

Whether there was a perceived conflict of interest being a Nat or TVNZ arse covering – who knows as I know no longer care sharing my story on investing in the SOEs

So TVNZ thinks that opinions from National party members aren’t valid. Nice, at least we now have confirmation of their bias.


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  • Knobby

    20 to your 10 they end up with a grizzling schoolteacher or Helen Kelly on there

    • Knobby

      Wonder what the reaction would’ve been if you’d said Labour…? 

    • Notrotsky

      Probably more likely a complete retard like Greg Presland or Penny Bright.

  • KiwiGopher

    Im not a party member and plan to buy, about time there was something like this.

    • Arnold

       me to – want to buy more than the $2000 worth, not a member of national and just got a job after being made redundant..

  • Vlad

    As long as they are asking that plus followups about being one party or another activist of any contributors & revealing the outcome in the news item I don’t have a problem with it. 

    My guess is this is a new question, prompted by WO’s repeated unmasking of Labour moles in the endless poor-pimping by the herald & others.  
    Hope all MSM repeaters ask this, if they don’t they will be found out.   

  • CJA

    So hang on are we saying that the MSM are not going to give a balanced view (anyone not realising this comment is dripping with sarcasm should not bother reading)?

  • Callum

    If they are ignoring politically affiliated views on either side then good on them. The party hack views are pretty clear already, if they want an opinion from the general populace then using party members taints their story.

  • gazzaw

    Maybe it’s something for you to discuss on The Huddle Cam. I’m sure Susan Wood would love to get the heads up on this. Poetic justice for TV One.

    • le sphincter

      Blowhards from either main parties are a dime a dozen.
       Anyway they have the slot for a national party cheerleader of asset sales : Its called John Key

  • Phar Lap

    Would be interested to read the pedigree of the guy with a back to front name Corin Dann.Seems he was trained by it is alleged,by Soapy Soper, Lie-bours 12TH man..So thats how he ended up working for the Lie-bour Party Channel ,  TVNZ.   I rest my case.

  • Neil

    What an amazing assumption to make – my first thought on reading this was surprise they didn’t go ahead – especially as they seem to be trying to make out only National Party supporters will be buying the shares….!!

  • Dion

    It’s funny how often the “man on the street” types that they wheel out are labour members or activists.  And they never feel the need to even disclose it – let alone cancel the interview.

  • niggly

    On a tangent, it would be interesting to find out (in the future) whether any Labour & Greens’ Ministers, or even Union leaders (Kelly et al) end up buying shares in MRP & the others etc.

    After all they are part of the “1%” and can afford to do so!

    Personally I hope they do (it would be ‘patriotic’ of them to do so, to keep the shares in NZ of course, as well good for the NZ stock market), putting aside the irony and hypocrisy etc.

    Something TVNZ ought to follow up on in due course ….

    • le sphincter

      Have no fear , the national party elves who work on such things as , what are the colour of  Shearers hankerchiefs will get hold of the  share database and run it against their card indexes, quicker than you can say  Farraro Rocher

      • parorchestia

         Congratulations – your grammar is getting better, if not your politics. But “national” should have a capital as it is a proper noun (the name of a thing), “Shearers” should have a possessive apostrophe as in “Shearer’s” since it the handkerchief that is owned by that man (if not earned by him), and there should be no spaces before commas. And isn’t it Ferrero Rocher?
        You are a teacher, aren’t you Dumbo?

    • AnonWgtn

      All KiwiSavers will have shares – as many as these Managers can buy.
      It would appear that they are complaining this morning that they will not get enough if “Mum and Dad” investors get too many, with the “bonus”, which the Herald have worked out.
      Thank goodness they can do it when the Government have yet to decide.

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