Mine it, Drill it, Sell it

NZ Herald

John Armstrong says that the lack of protest shows the government can re-find its testicles:

National’s annual conference was not short of protests. But the protests were embarrassingly short of protesters.

Contrary to the impression given by some accounts, the 400 or so party faithful did not spend their weekend cowering inside Auckland’s SkyCity Convention Centre behind a not-so-thin blue line of police.

The police showed up in significant number; the protesters did not. Yesterday morning’s all-comers rally against everything National stands for drew a total of 79 people – it may well have been counter-productive.

It was incredibly counter-productive…the protests can be safely scoffed at…there isn’t the mass outrage that Labour and the Greens have claimed…in fact Labour MPs at the weekend were rather more pointedly worried about the launch of a catamaran or actually staying at SkyCity when the National Party conference was underway, rather than manning the protest frontlines. One MP even thought harassing people enjoying the footy was better than actually protesting.

John Key and his senior ministers will take the paucity of protesters as confirming National is on side with majority public opinion in pushing ahead with controversial policies such as more welfare reform and much more oil and mineral exploration.

National believes – or rather its polling is telling it – that most voters are now desperately hungry for serious economic growth. The environment has become very much a secondary concern.

Absolutely…Nation needs to adopt the mantra of Mine it, Drill it, Sell it.


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  • Jimmie

    The trouble for the protesters is that all kiwis hear about are folk traipsing off to Auz to earn big bucks from the mines.

    Perhaps kiwis are thinking hmmmm why can’t we have our own mines to earn big bucks from?

    Screw the greenies

    • le sphincter

      Fat chance they earn the same in Waihi.

       After the explosion there, pictures of the rescued miners showed some grannies working underground . I suppose the ones under 50  get trained here and  leave within  6 months

      • Johnbronkhorst

        What explosion???There was a truck fire!!! Safety procedures followed, and worked!! No one hurt, alls good!!!

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        Explosion??  You’re dribbling shit again.

      • axeman

        Have you not got the message yet le chutney-chute. Va te faire foutre, trouduc

      • In Vino Veritas

        And neither were they rescued Schpink. You are a bit like the Herald, just make stuff up as you go.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

         Spinach – Put some curry powder on your head man….what explosion? It was a truck fire. You Greenies are waiting for some accident to happen and want some of our fellow men to die to prove a political point. You sick ….. get out of this country you losers.

      • le sphincter

        Well Ill call it a conflagration then . Happy.

        Seemed to miss the point about the numbers of ‘golden girls’ working underground. They  probably  drive the trucks as they are more careful then the men

      • WayneO

        So you’re saying females and older workers are inferior? Ageist and sexist, but what else would we expect from a unionist.

        To answer your question, Newmont mining happens to pay it’s employees far above market rates and add to that the lifestyle of living near the beach compared with buttfuck nowhere in Australia. No wonder “grannies” with families choose to work there and be near the kids rather than in the middle of the desert in WA.

        Butthole, you are such a tool. You must deliberately make outrageous comments because no human can possibly be so stupid. 

  • Quintin Hogg

    Mallard was at the launch too.

    Didn’t see him as I was inside where the drinks and grub where.

  • Quintin Hogg


    • Grandstream

      I am guessing the duck was a guest of Sifa and crew…….

  • Grandstream

    When is the next Greens and Labour confernece ?  What are the chances tha the young nats do something useful and protest the Geen and Labour lies and BS which will result in no jobs, or economic growth ?  Surely they woudl get mor ethan 80 along of rthat ? Hell, I would even go along.

    • No chance they will do that as they probably dont have the time – they’re too busy working!

  • Tourists dont feed the starving kids the green slime and liebour have no answers for. Parents with jobs do, an economy with affordable social services does, an affordable health and education system does.

    Dig it up and flog it off is the only call.

  • Gotta love the professional protestors…if you dont work & instead prefer to bludge off the hard work of others…like Minto, Bradford & other likeminded monkeys, should you still have right to free speech? I don’t think so. Time to protest is time you could spend looking/getting a job. I reckon WINZ should reduce their benefit for every protest they go to. That would probably reduce the numbers from the weekend down to about 9 (gotta leave a few spots for grey power!).

  • Alloytoo

    I’m reminded of the time greenies tried to illegally access Cape Town’s Nuclear power station.

    All sorts of headlines about security and risk were printed until somebody pointed out that they could only be stopped once they actually breached the perimeter, which is exactly where they were stopped.

  • Mr_Blobby

    It would appear that professional protesters don’t like the wind, cold or working weekends.

  • Mr_Blobby

    400 delegates 90+ police with more in the wings. Why is the TAX payer picking up the security bill for a private function?

    • Are you Sue Bradford? Your name suggests you could be.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Serious question Fuck’stard 90+ Police for a few malcontents. When we have crimes that need to be solved. Granted the fools they put on the line wouldn’t be able to investigate themselves out of a paper bag. So much for Police intelligence, massive overreaction and fail.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        Mr Blobby, perhaps the real problem on the day was that not enough protesters turned up.  Granted the fools they put on the line wouldn’t be able to protest themselves out of a paper bag.  So much for protester intelligence, massive underreaction and fail.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Well put Mr Sackunkrak first sign of intelligence on the Blog today. Everybody seems a bit thin skinned today.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Because Blobby, as we have seen in the past, protesters are always vociferous about their rights, but have no regard for other people’s or property owners rights. They are prone to trespass, wanton destruction of private property and harassment of private individuals which goes beyond a “peaceful’ protest. That is why, Blobby.

      • Mr_Blobby

        If the Courts dealt with these people in a proper way,  rather than the wet bus ticket approach, when they stepped out of line, you wouldn’t need a line of warm bodies.

    • Stevo

      Mr Blobby,

      It appears to me you always reply  with  hate rant aimed at our Police.

      You seem to be a very angry person,  when the very people that put their bodies on the thin blue line to protect the countries citizens are involved..

      Why do you direct that sort of anger at the Police so often, for so little reason?

      Could it be  you have  directed that anger at others,  needing the intervention  of our Police?

      There is  certainly a cause to it.

      Maybe  you have  been dealt with by the Police and Justice system in a manner of which you didn’t like the outcome?

      That would explain it.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Well Stevo what can I say.
        Yes I have had more than my share of dealings with the Police and our Justice system, by default.
        I could write a book on the subject, but I would probably become a target for our Justice system. Being a regular target of the criminal fraternity, that would be one step to far.
        I have been featured in the newspapers and a current affairs TV program, mainly to do with my efforts to bring thieves to justice. I have a 43% clearance rate on crimes committed against my previous business. I followed one defendant through the courts for over 2 years. It took so long because he was never in court and continued his crime spree whilst on bail. The end result was, you guessed it, a wet bus ticket. One of the reasons for getting out of that business was the level of burglaries and other honesty offenses, another was the excessive insurance premiums $6500 with an excess of $4000 with a maximum payout of $10000 for burglary.
        Our current business has been subject to petty crime 6 times in 2 cases I identified the offenders to the Police. In the third case I was in hot pursuit of a defendant when the Police arrived with dog, the dog handler decided that because of the area, he would be wasting his time, because they were all criminals, and would be actively hiding the offender. In the 3 other cases I believe it was the same people> So now I am putting my Investigators cap back on and starting the process of identifying the offenders and gather the evidence needed for a conviction.
        The real battle is actually getting the Police into action, going on that alone, I don’t think the Police appreciate it when you front up with a file with the evidence and ID of an offender, already to go all they have to do is arrest and charge them.
        And it pisses me off when going to or coming from a burglary, you pass Police cars with either not much to do, writing tickets on the side of the road or in one case having to drive through a booze bus with upwards of 12 warm bodies. But Police Coms tell you that they have nobody available to attend.
        I’ll leave you with one final thought the 1st responder to any crime is always the victim.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Serious question Fuck’stard 90+ Police for a few malcontents. When we have crimes that need to be solved. Granted the fools they put on the line wouldn’t be able to investigate themselves out of a paper bag. So much for Police intelligence, massive overreaction and fail.

    • With that reply its sounds like you could have been employed for the day “so much for intelligence, over reaction and fail”

  • Cadwallader

    Why doesn’t the government go to offshore mining/drilling companies, offer them tax incentives, re-peal the RMA and invite the miners to get going? The  procrastination is pathetic and pointless.

  • Vlad

    At this stage of the 21st century, the processes for monitoring & controlling damaging outcomes from mining & drilling are very robust.  Along with that, no matter how “Right” you are, of course you don’t want the environment f*cked for all time by some accident.  And add to that, even the worst environmental  dick-ups have had their consequences grossly exaggerated by watermelon luddites.  The watermelon time has gone.  We deserve the prosperity that our resources can provide.

    • le sphincter

       processes for monitoring & controlling damaging outcomes from mining & drilling are very robust”

      two little words – Pike River- only a fool would think there was anything robust about what went on there, and when the shit happened they put the business into liquidation toute suite, so everyone else was left with the financial burden.

      As well  Gulf Oil spill – robust  – LMAO

      • BR

         Coal mines like Pike River should be open cast,but the watermelons would disapprove of that, preferring instead to risk mens lives for the sake of the environment, the sick bastards.


      • parorchestia

         Pike River was not allowed to be open cast, which is the only safe way of mining gassy mines. Nor were they allowed a second shaft to act as an emergency exit. And they were forced to have an extremely long drive that greatly added to the danger. All to prevent a relatively small amount of despoliation that one decent natural rock slide would exceed.
        It was our stupid legislation and attitudes that killed those poor men. And you, dear Poo Ring, are blind and stupid as well as being near illiterate.
        Oil seeps are natural since mineral oil is a natural product that has been seeping into the environment for aeons. Over 2% of all bacteria species can digest mineral oil, so the environment cleans itself. One organism’s 20/40 is another’s tucker. The volume of the Gulf spill was vast and damaging, but only temporarily.And one more fault in your writing: the first letter in a  sentence is capitalised.

  • Phar Lap

    Even the miners in Greymouth are sick of crazy Ku Klux Klan type of marxist”Greenies”.I was fortunate to hear the Mayor of that town say,most of the protestors to mining dont know what they are talking about,and they would not know a mine if they fell into one.Seems that must cover all the bleeding hearts in NZ, especially the effeminate squeaky voiced guy named Russel Norman the Aussie wetback,red /greenie,telling NZs how we should run our lives.