More Council Waste

NZ Herald

A crappy old building in downtown Auckland which was given a rate payer funded make over to make its wealthy neighbours happy during the rugby world cup, is now been considered to be given heritage status.

But forcing hertiage status will make it even harder for the owner or future owners to turn it from an eyesore into something that is actually productive.

If the council really wanted to help the suituation, they should work with the owner, to help him untangle all the complex rules in the district plan and building code to try and get the building up and running with tennants who will actually look after the building. This will create work, jobs, accommodation, and taxes across the board and ensure the building is actually cared for and protected in the future.


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  • Get rid of Len

    That is because our council is Left wing at the moment, They are soo interested in taking our money and doing SFA about it instead of allowing people to get ahead. Nor are they insterested in doing anything that actually makes money.

  • maninblack

    that is just another waste!! the council cannot continue to just spend and spend and spend..

    when is it going to stop..

  • GregM

    These three buildings are about 100 metres from where I sit. They are a shithole, the owner wants to bowl them, but thanks to some heritage dickheads in the council, he can’t.
    You would never get a decent ROI on what it would cost to renovate them.
    The council is wasting ratepayers money to paint over their poor decisions.

  • AnonWgtn

    If I were the Owner, and could afford to wait a few years, I would say stuff it and leave it as it is.

  • Davis Gp

    Hey, do we need any of this council shit at all?? Let’s file them under dictators for the hangman.