National Party Conference Debrief

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Dear Cameron,

You missed nothing at the conference.  With the exception of a good speech by Joyce giving a big FU to the Greens and Key’s usual Sunday razzledazzle it was utter claptrap.  Every speech that Peter Goodfellow and Greg Hamilton gave consisted of how good they were and how National is doing so well.  The highlight was the awkward looks of delegates when Goodfellow’s speech talked about how “National finally understands the MMP environment” that “the 2011 election result was the best ever for National under MMP” and that things couldn’t be better.  (You should get a copy of his speech and post it on your blog so people can judge for themselves.)

Seriously, how can we have these twits running things and trusting them to keep Labour out of office?  We have a single seat majority and since 2005 have ensured there is no viable coalition party for National to turn to.  What’s worse is not a single question was asked of the President or the GM during the media excluded AGM.

I remember when members actually felt confident enough to quiz the party about its direction.  Rather than campaign managers jumping down people’s throat for being the devils advocate or keeping those in charge on their toes, maybe the party should allow and indeed encourage constructive feedback from members.  It works for companies, but somehow it’s no longer “the done thing” in National.

Boards that believe their own BS are a house of cards waiting to fall.  Wasn’t that why the finance companies all did so well?

Your faithful delegate.


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  • Paddles83


    That was the reason why I pulled my party membership and told them to G..F… with the likes of a wana bee minister Peter Goodfellow 

  • Johnbronkhorst

    So…from a successful party that is doing a great job in govt……what did you expect…..National have polled over 1000000 votes in the last 2 elections (highest in NZ history) other parties results aren’t the problem of National, they are their own concern (ACT, Conservative etc). They helped ACT which created the governing coelition. Next time I believe (depending on circumstances at the time) They should do the same for the conservatives.

    • le sphincter

      yes  you are right !. They win handsomely yet there are doubters ?.
      The party that will put them back in power next time, like they did once before, is NZ First.

      This is what is meant by ‘understanding MMP’. The voters choose your partners. Politics is not like a dating website where you only go for ‘hot ‘ choices. An arranged marriage  is on the cards

       Using its previous partner ACT as its chew toy led to its destruction. What will work is a real sparring partner like NZF.

      • Apolonia

        Winston will be 69 at the next election and is barely coherent now.
        He’s just fortunate smoking doesn’t affect maori health. 

      • le sphincter

        Turia & Sharples  are over 70  now. As is John Banks I think. Your point was ?

      • Bunswalla

        @db0596eface858b98c9cfdb28013212f:disqus The point is you’re full of shit, as always. Neither Tariana Turia nor John Banks are close to 70. What a cock-smoker.

      • le sphincter

        Peters is  younger than Sharples and Turia  and older than Banks (65) by  2 years. Hardly a big deal.

      • In Vino Veritas

        The point that is made Schpink, is not so much Peter’s age, but his coherency, and whether he will be coherent at 69 at the next election. At least Turia, Sharples and Banks are understandable most of the time. Peters sounds half pissed a good part of the time. Witness Shangai Penguin.

    • Paranormal

      Nationals tactical blunder at the last election was waiting too long to have the cup of tea.  They would still have a viable partner in Act if they had clearly stated earlier their preferences.  it is ultimately up to the voters, but National’s tactical blundering only empowered Winston first.

      • Alex

         A load of bollocks that doesn’t gain any credibility from repetition.  ACT was a farce, and its association with Rogernomics meant it wasn’t going to attract any mainstream votes (such as is the anti-Rogernomics culture being perpetrated by the media and Leftists; not saying that it’s fair but it is just the way it is).  Face it there are no tens of thousands of people who won’t vote National because it’s not right wing enough.  National is not to blame for the failure of the political right in this country to build a credible party — one that isn’t populated by hypocritical money obsessed wankers, or hypocritical fundy and bigoted troglodytes.  It is not National’s job to go creating minime political parties; National’s job is to be a broad church and attract as many middle Kiwis as it can. 

  • Mr_Blobby

    Why were you not at the conference? Did you choose not to go or did they shut you out.

    • Whafe

      As always, very profound Blobby, NOT

      • Mr_Blobby

        I was addressing Blubber Boy not you Blubber Baby.

      • Addressing me as anything other than Cam, Whale or Whaleoil may get you answers…calling me Blubber Boy gets you ignored.

      • Mr_Blobby

        A thin skinned Whale. Interesting.

    • Whafe

      As I said, very profound, NOT……
      I would be pretty correct if I feel you contribute about as much to man kind as you do to this blog….

    • Pukakidon

       You were there weren’t you Blowboy.   You were with that mad screaming fishwife cow Spew Bradford and her friend Munto.

  • baw

    The question next time is how to deal with Winston Peters. NZ First is his party and until he goes there are serious problems doing  a deal with him. The reality is that there is no trust between NZ first and Winston. 

    Any deal with the conservatives needs to be done well ahead of time so that any dirt may be found and thus made public well before an election campaign. 

    I suppose there is no chance of merging Peter Dunne and Conservatives as this would be the easiest route, but I think Peter Dunne would kill the Conservative Brand.  

    • Johnbronkhorst

      “how to deal with winnie…”…..SHOT GUN!!!

  • Andrea

    Before anyone continues enthusing over NZ First – well before the next election that party will have to work on developing its MP material – just as the Greens do.

    With the Greens no one stands to ramble or rant or ‘score’.  Like them or loathe them – that’s how it is, even if their policies make you wince.  Winston’s folk are still a cross between school speeches and grandstanding (apart from Barbara).  Got a long way to grow yet.

    The Conservatives?  What are they doing to build brand reognition in the between years (anywhere other than That Gem in NZ’s Crown – Auckland!!! Yay!!! etc)?  Winston, idle fellow that he is, went up and down NZ (ie out of Special Auckland) to garner support and recognition.  Ain’t seen no invites from Colin Craig in my neck of the woods – yet.  Ever???   Worth voting for?  Probably not.