NewstalkZB tomorrow

Tomorrow I have a special treat for readers.

John Pagani and I will be hosting an hour of morning talkback at NewstalkZB Wellington from 11-12.

Sean Plunket is away and so we are doing a filler spot for him. It will be no holds barred crossfire from the two of us with talkback.

Unfortunately for Auckland listeners you will have stream it live if you want to listen to me smack up Pagani…again. Wellington listeners can tune in on 89.3FM 1035AM.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Stick it up to John Pagani listeners. The supporter of 19th century policies and Labour supporter and who thinks Sheep Shearer will be a good Prime Minister.

  • motorizer

    pleeeease please please please PLEASE attack rather than defend.

  • thor42

    Good stuff! 
    I hope you will get STUCK IN to welfare – especially Bludging for Families and the DPB. I have seen **countless** quotes from women on the DPB saying that it’s a great “lifestyle choice” and “free money” (from US, of course), and that they will keep having babies even with the new (weak) reforms coming in. 

    • Jdrinnan

      what about sickness benefit?

      • Roy

        ALL beneficiaries deserve a gutshot for stealing from us all.  If they can’t work then they should starve, not steal from the hard working taxpayer.

  • maninblack

    what time?

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  • Spanishbride

    I like the concept of two people doing talk-back from different sides of the spectrum. It means that if I ring up I should get one of them agreeing with me and one of them disagreeing with me.

  • LesleyNZ

    Maybe Leighton will cross over to you guys for a listen in so all NewstalkZB listeners can hear.

    • Gravedodger

      Meanwhile provincial newstalk in the village of the damned will have the pleasure of inane mike Yardley with inconsequential rubbish on two local bands 1098 am and 1017 am.
      Unfathomable why one cant relay Leighton with the real world on one of them.

  • jabba

    I don’t get to hear much radio BUT the sound bites from Rodney Hide v Silly Jackson can be a good listen .. get stuck into him .. a sponsor opp could be Rodney Wayne?

  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    Don’t expect Pagani to post here during that hour. With his faux francais alter ego?

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