Not laughing now, Ctd

NZ Herald

Oh woe is me, the poor hard done by kiddy fiddler comedian isn’t kaughing now and so he has got his pals in the media to do a cry me a river of tears write up about how hard life is for him.

Well boo-fucking-hoo cupcake:

A comedian who sexually assaulted his four-year-old daughter has managed to rebuild his life since his drunken crime but his career has been tarred.

The man has been relegated to “back room capacity” at the company where he was a reputable employee before the offending.

District Court Judge Mark Perkins said the comedian had faced a “serious decline” in the work available to him because despite permanent name suppression and having originally been discharged for his offending, his identity was known to many in the industry.

He has repaired relationships with his family and been abstinent from alcohol for two years, and today his job was put under further pressure when he was sentenced in Auckland District Court to eight months home detention.

Judge Perkins said the sentence needed to reflect the “culpability and criminality” of the comedian’s crime, after he was originally discharged without conviction.

Forget about travel to the US too, pal. They aren’t big on criminals traveling there, let alone someone convicted of sex crimes.


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  • TCrwdb

    Ah yes, consequences…something modern society seems intent on avoiding.

  • Travis Poulson

    I still find the ” I thought it was you” excuse he used a bit unbelievable. a 4 year old vs a full grown woman? come on. 

    • David Garrett

       As a person who has done some damn silly things when under the influence,  I have to agree with you Travis…In addition to the fairly obvious physiological differences, I don’t know any adult women who you need to de-nappy before engaging in sexual activity of any kind…

      • Travis Poulson

        Well yes, there’s that too. Can’t recall having to fight a diaper off my mrs before. Sure I’ve done some silly things in my younger years while heavily under the influence, but it still doesn’t cloud that part of the brain that says “this is wrong” regardless of what it is you’re doing. In his situation I think he knew exactly what he was doing, and it certainly wasn’t due to peer pressure while out with mates being drunken louts. He was in bed, and had plenty of time to think about it. 

        It just goes to show though, how much the effect of alot of alcohol clouds ones judgement, as he clearly miscalculated the situation in thinking his wife wouldn’t wake up in the process. 

      • GETTA GRIP

        De nappy a 4 year old? What sort of retarded development do you think she had….STOP… think about it….nappies on 4 year olds….get a grip!!!


        Maybe if the comedian was cruising the hallways of a retirement village

    • Either his missus is very tiny…or incontinent 

  • Cadwallader

    Why doesn’t this prick man-up and identify himself? This would at least remove suspicion from other so-called funny-men.

    • Travis Poulson

      To protect the victim, not him.Alot of us know who he is anyway. 

  • What gets me about this is that he has shared custody of his children, including the daughter he molested. I am all for second chances, but that is going a step to far – I would never give anyone who did that a chance to do it again. It would be supervised visits only. And any court would agree (if he disputed it).

    End of the day he has it in him to molest children, the alcohol merely gave him a way out – an excuse. 

    What his ex-wife & the court seem to forget is that men get drunk all the time, yet how many do you know would do that when they are drunk? I know my husband wouldn’t.

  • Tony

    He may not be able to get into the US but I’m sure that the Vatican will allow him in.

  • Godruelf

    His name is supressed how will the septic tanks know he has a record???

    • Puke duly induced

      He will need to declare any criminal convictions at th eborder.  Then they will ask “for what?”   — Don’t like his chances.

  • Richard McGrath

    I wonder if the judge who thought he should be let off because he made people laugh would let him babysit her grandchildren?

  • Sooty

    Or hire him to be the clown at the grandkids birthday party.