NRA teaches the UN a lesson

Mail Online

The NRA are the worlds best political campaigners…they staunchly defend their members (I am one) rights. Well, they are widely being credited with tipping over a UN initiative:

The United Nations is set to introduce a treaty cracking down on the $60billion global business of illicit trading in small arms.

The move is aimed at curbing violence in some of the most troubled corners of the world, but has unsurprisingly ruffled feathers with pro-gun activists in the US, including those of the National Rifle Association.

They have denounced the treaty as a threat to their constitutional right to bear arms.

Think about those lines for a moment. The UN was wanting to crack down on “illicit trading” of small arms…hmmm…illicit means it is already illegal. The moves wouldn’t have done anything as there is already “illicit” trade happening…they really don’t care about the law in lawless countries. The NRA strongly opposed this UN direction and now an impasse has been reached effectively killing it off:

The Conference on the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (U.N. ATT) has broken down and will not report a draft treaty to the member nations.

This is a big victory for American gun owners, and the NRA is being widely credited for killing the U.N. ATT.

For nearly 20 years, the NRA has worked tirelessly to warn American gun owners about the United Nations’ efforts to undermine the constitutional rights of law-abiding American gun owners by putting in place international controls on small arms.

NRA became a recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and has monitored all U.N. activities that could impact on our Second Amendment rights. As a result, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre testified before the U.N. (2012 remarks2011 remarks) making it clear that the NRA would fight any international treaty that included civilian arms.

In any case the UN action will likely be overtaken by technology. A working assault least a critical part of one has been made with a 3D printer.

Get ready. It’s now possible to print weapons at home.

An amateur gunsmith, operating under the handle of “HaveBlue” (incidentally, “Have Blue” is the codename that was used for the prototype stealth fighter that became the Lockheed F-117), announced recently in online forums that he had successfully printed a serviceable .22 caliber pistol.

Despite predictions of disaster, the pistol worked. It successfully fired 200 rounds in testing.

HaveBlue then decided to push the limits of what was possible and use his printer to make an AR-15 rifle. To do this, he downloaded plans for an AR-15 in the Solidworks file format from a site called After some small modifications to the design, he fed about $30 of ABS plastic feedstock into his late-model Stratasys printer. The result was a functional AR-15 rifle. Early testing shows that it works, although it still has some minor feed and extraction problems to be worked out.

Good luck to the UN or anyone else controlling firearms now.


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  • Allanspear

    This has also consigned the New Zealand Firearms amendment bill (currently in the works) to the trash can. Great news!

    • Spiker .

       Be great news if it had. Can you explain the connection?

      • Allanspear

        In spite of denials from the government, the arms amendment bill was designed to change the legislation in order to make it possible for NZ to become a part of the UN initiative. Joe Green (Google him) has been traveling to the UN to attend meetings regarding the “international agreement” they were trying to broker to stop “ilicit arms dealing”, but would effectively have interfered with everyone’s right to arms. The UN’s abandonment of this nonsense has made the whole NZ bill moot, and has also been abandoned.

        Joe Green is going to be spending a great deal of time in court over the next few years, answering the many cases filed against him, which he was hoping to stop with the new bill! His traveling to the UN is another issue which needs to be exposed to sunlight, since he is supposed to be apolitical. I for one am looking forward to his discomfort.

      • Spiker .

        You are referring to Arms Amendment Bill (No 3)? For some reason I had AAB 285-2 in mind.

        Agreed re JG It’s a pity he will be soaking up taxpayer dollars in court defending his & the police illegal administration of the arms act since 1992.

  • Richard

    Seriously, while the NRA made a lot of noise, I think Obama instructed his tools to walk away.  He’ll be back to this bullshit after the election, when he’ll have a lot more flexibility.

  • Meg

    A person has a greater right to live than some inbred red neck idiot has to owning a gun. 

    • Bcwhitehead

      Does a person have the right to self defense of their own life in your universe, or is that task, entirely the responsibility of the police?

    • Richard McGrath

      Sure, Meg, the only people who own guns are redneck idiots.

  • Rodger T

    Try using that platitude the when some arsehole kicks in your frontdoor ,Meg

    Just remember ,by definition the police are always the last to arrive at a crime scene.
    While that article pertains to the US it`s only a matter of time before becomes relevant here.

    • Meg

      And the chances of that happening a slim to zero. Also given you are meant to have your gun locked away at home, it would do you no good anyway. 

      But please tell me how would banning Uzis, semi autos etc…infringe on your rights? How would limiting gun ownership to say, genuine hunting guns (not that they are needed) be a bad thing? 

      • GregM

         Meg, I am ex navy and still belong to the gun club. One of my firearms is an M249 saw (google it) and I need a collector and dealer endorsement to own it. As well as that when not in use on an NZDF range it must be stored at the armoury at Kauri point.
        It is my right to cause destruction, mayhem, and shitloads of noise in a safe environment, myself and several hundred others at the club enjoy our hobby, so the failed, or has- been politicians can butt out.

      • Meg

        There is ZERO need for anyone in the general public to own that gun, or any gun like it Greg. 

      • GregM

        I agree Meg.
        Wait till you get a look at my 20mm Oerlikon, that will really piss you off!

      • Spiker .

         Absolutely friggen awesome Greg! Cam should do a show & tell topic one day for firearms just for the fun of putting the megs around here into shock. For Meg, here’s my Rabbit rifle.

  • Richard McGrath

    The plans to make your own 9 mm submachine gun are available at
    Will set you back about $300 unless you can DIY.

  • Richard McGrath

    My favourite pro-defence organisation is the Jews for the Preservation of Forearms Ownership,

  • Michael

    I’m a proud (and peaceful) user of fragmentation grenades and I INSIST on my right to enjoy my hobby without harassment from pinko do-gooders. I’m forming the Fragmentation Grenade Action Group (FRAG) and we’re going straight to the UN to insist on our right to enjoy fragmentation grenades peacefully in our own homes.  Our motto is “Fragmentation Grenades don’t kill people, People do”. We believe that good education and sensible use by grenade users will lead many to enjoy this creative and fun hobby.  Enthusiasts can test their aim, their power throw and endlessly debate if they’d throw themselves on a dropped grenade to save their families. 

    We’re not redneck weapon nuts with no more relevance to modern society that banjo wielding, swamp dwelling, in-bred retards with guns – we’re peaceful, friendly locals, but we’re armed! Its true that more of us die by the accidental use of our own weapons in our own homes, but its also true that this isn’t well reported – and were glad that the very occasional defensive use of fragmentation grenades is seized upon worldwide to justify the ongoing ownership of grenades by those self-same banjo wielding, swamp-dwelling weapon nuts.

    • Meg

      There is defiantly ZERO reason for you to own those and it boggles the mind as to how that is even legal. 

      Perhaps NZ does need to tighten up its gun/weapons ownership laws CONSIDERABLY,

      And while you may not consider your self a nutjob, the fact that you insist owning frag grenades is a right, says otherwise, 

      • Allanspear

        To say that certain things should be banned because we don’t “need” them is not a valid argument. There are many things we don’t need, but which make life interesting and worth living. Perhaps we should just get rid of all cars which cost more than $40,000 because we don’t “need” them and they go so fast that they are more dangerous than your basic Toyota. I am sure you can think of many other things we don’t “need” but enjoy having. Your TV maybe, your  favourite hobby, what about your jewelry, or you makeup?

      • Spiker .

        Meg, are you for real?  Are you that gullible? You seem to have
        absolutely no idea about NZ’s firearm laws & make outrageously loony
        comments about them here.

      • Michael

        But Meg, fragmentation grenades are fun, and also, really useful. When I need to dig a hole in my yard, or lay a new driveway.. why use a shovel when i can just jam in some grenades?  The whole family can watch, but hey, don’t think I’m not careful – as we have all got our bombsuits on, in fetching colours!
        At FRAG, we believe in our right to enjoy high ordnance explosives as part of a healthy, suburban recreational lifestyle.  Its also good to know that when we do get attacked in our homes at night, we can just throw grenades will nilly at them home invaders and later, can just pick up the pieces!
        Life sure feels a lot safer when you have a few grenades strapped to your body, or stashed in your car/living room/shed for those moments when you really just need one handy.