NZ Blog Rankings – June 2012

Open Parachute

The Open Parachute Blog Rankings for June are out:

Once again I would like to thank all my loyal readers, commenters and those who contribute with story ideas and leads through the tipline.

Without you all I couldn’t do what I do, thanks.

Thanks also of course to my sponsors, mentors and advertisers….again without your help I couldn’t maintain the blog and the enthusiasm.


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  • Mully

    Pity Martyn has given up on blogging for real estate – he woulda made a fight if it….

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get the pigs ready for takeoff.

  • thor42

    Well done! Good to see DPF up there as well in 2nd place. 

  • RightNow

    Good work (again). I suspect Farrar only takes top spot when P Ure is suspended from kiwiblog. 

  • Bill Barnsley

    David Farrar was number one for nearly ten years until Cameron stopped being a fuckup and got on with doing it right.
    Well done mate. Yum Cha on Wednesaday?

  • jabba

    I rushed though but didn’t see bObby Guyton, will try again

  • AJ

    Thank you :). You deserve this rating. Love your work. Cheers

  • Well done WO; but you could have extended the screenshot down to #15, where Keeping Stock features…

    • Bill Barnsley

       Gaylord Focker. Rosettes for 14th loser?

  • Dr Wang

    Excellent effort – you deserve the No.1 spot, well done.

  • MrV

    Far too many are still reading the strandard.
    Why would you, once you’ve read one post you’ve read them all, – that is John Key is satan and its all a giant conspiracy.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Good to see WO and DF in one and two positions. But disappointed that the The Standard is in third place….

  • Cadwallader

    Well done again! I would like you to get an early morning radio show. There’d be little better than to wake to you spitting vitriol at lefties and losers!