Perhaps Len should look at this

While Len Brown is looking at spending billions of ratepayers money on old track based technology for his trainset the rest of the world is looking at more modern solutions for rapid transit…like Evacuated Tube Transport designs:

The airless and friction-less form of transport will enable commuters to travel from London to New York in just 45 minutes on the tube.

What’s more, from New York, it could take travellers just two hours to get all the way to China on the ETT, with six-seater passenger pods reaching unbelievable speeds of 4,000mph.

People who fancy an around the world jaunt, on the other hand, could complete this journey in just six hours – and boffins say this could be a reality in less than ten years.

According to scientists, passengers would not be subjected to high G forces and the transport uses far less energy than conventional methods, with it being safer, cheaper and quieter than trains or planes.


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  • jonno1

    They used to have these in Farmers. Well, similar.

  • cossackstomper

    Dont tell Len yet another wasted rates increase coming

  • Davis Gp

    Trains are SO last century..

  • ConwayCaptain

    I assume NY=China would be up to Alaska and across the Bering Strait then down to Beijing.

    This system is used in hospitals to move samples etc around.

    Next would be moving cargo

  • Orange

    Also used in the drive through banks in the USA. But they don’t move them at 6000km/h. Has to be a pretty straight tube to reach that speed. Acceleration of 1G is fine but that’s in the direction you’re going. If there’s a bend at that speed the sideways acceleration could be devastating. How many tectonic plate boundaries would it have to go through to get the from States to China?

  • Johnny T

    The anti-rail thing is off the mark. The rail loop will be a transformative project.

    Perhaps the anti-rail routine from some on the right is related to a desire not to share a bus or train carriage with the hoi-polloi.

    • davcav

       Can you tell us of your economic solution which will not have Len’s rail loop bankrupting the city of Auckland?

      • Good days ahead


      • Johnny T

        Central Government will eventually come to the party and provide funding.
        The rail link will contribute to economic growth in Auckland.

  • Gravedodger

    ,Oi Johnnie T please name one fixed rail transport that does not require Subsidy any where will do just to make it easy.

    • Johnny T

      Off hand, here’s one. Tokyo Metro is very profitable.

      I do agree though, the end goal after we invest in bringing the rail system up to speed should be to have it get to the point where it does not require a subsidy. I believe this is possible in Auckland if things are done correctly.

  • le sphincter

    Evacuated tube ?…ha 

    Ill show an evacuated tube !

    • GregM

       I doubt it. Yours is full of it.

  • Bawaugh

    Experimental technology always promises a lot, but often does not deliver

    Then how about all that water that;s in the way between the destinations it is talking about.

    Also it does not assist with local transport at all, it is not as if there will be these outside your door. We can already build mag lev trains they have them in Shanghai, but they are very uncommon and the Shanghai one is a while elephant train which does not even go to the city centre. 

    I’m sorry investing govt money in this project is like putting money in a black hole. Are you asking for Govt funds for this project?