Perhaps Tolley could look at this

Here is an idea for Anne Tolley to consider. It is great idea for low risk offenders in NZ. High risk offenders should just have this as part of their punishment.

The Greens should be all for this one!

Film lovers in the UK have already experienced screenings projected the environmentally friendly way with the pedal-powered Cycle-in Cinema. In Brazil, the Santa Rita do Sapucaí prison has taken a similar approach in its attempts to produce green energy – harnessing the pedal work of its inmates.

According to reports, two exercise bikes have been placed in the courtyard of the penitentiary and are hooked up to batteries. Cyclists’ kinetic energy is converted into electricity which charges the battery and a device on the handlebars alerts the rider when it’s time stop. The fully charged batteries are then taken into the city and used to power street lamps – one day’s cycling can provide enough energy to run six light bulbs. On a mass scale, the country’s prisoners could be a source of alternative energy for illuminating a city’s worth of street lights. In order to incentivize use of the bikes, city judge José Henrique Mallmann is waiving a day off the sentence of prisoners for every 16 hours pedalling they complete. The facility aims to install a further eight bikes following the success of the scheme.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Be much better for the prisoners to produce gravel and crushed rock though – by hand, 7 days a week, 16 hours a day – for their food, water and electricity….

  • El Jorge

    Can’t see it flying, there will be some crap excuse about it interferring with their human rights (IMO, crims voluntarily gave up their rights the day they comitted thier crimes) or that it will be too expensive to administer. The same sort of crap Labour spouted when they dismissed the idea of working for the dole.

  • Euan Rt

    Make more sense to use the generated power to run cell lights and inmates TVs.

  • Cobolt

    And how much energy is required to ship these batteries around? I’m guessing the fuel to run the delivery vehicle would provide more power than the inmates.

    • Chris

      They could use a peddle car.

      Also they could heat the water for their under floor heating.

  • Rightoverlabour

    Now if someone hooked up an electric chair…

  • 6k944827

    I agree Whale. As a greenie I don’t think this is a bad idea. It also has the added benfit of giving prisioners an incentive to behave and learn that hard work has its own rewards. Garth McVicor may get a little pissed with it though.