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Jami-lee Ross had to give Jacinda Ardern a hand with Labour’s alcohol policy on Breakfast this morning.  Classic.

Yes Jacinda, Jami-Lee was right.  Here’s the policy that Labour and Lianne Dalziel are promoting.

“We should set a minimum price that would prevent wine from being sold for less than $2 for a standard drink.”

Ardern should find out about the policies she’s promoting before grandstanding on them.

But since we are talking specifics there are 37 standard drinks in a litre of spirits – so the cheapest 1l bottle of gin or vodka, or rum under Labour’s policy would be $74.

Currently a litre of top shelf Bombay Sapphire Gin (A Whale favourite) goes for $45.

And Labour’s policy would mean the cheapest dozen beer cans would cost a minimum of $24.

And they’re seriously trying to sell this policy to Waitakere man? I hope so.


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  • Johnbronkhorst

    Appart from you havimg no taste in spirits (gin of any kind) …Go single malt whiskey (Glenmorangie for me). ….Labours nanny state rearing it’s ugly head again….We have a problem of binge drinking and public drunkeness….both against the law, so we (the labour party) will punish everyone for this.My answe…enforce the law……could bring back drunk tanks, anyone caught drinking in public (preloading) is put in the drunk tank for the night (drunk or sober), when they have been puked on by the procession of drunks through the night and are kick out sober at 6am…..maybe they will change their behaviour!

  • Mike Hunt

    it is laughable how often Bennett has to correct her facts and figures when she is asking questions in the house

    looks like mr ed, talks like mr ed… how big is a horses brain again?

    • Ford

      bigger than yours

      • Mike Hunt

        Foxtrot Oscar Redundant Douchebag

      • Pukakidon

         Grow up Ford you silly child

      • Ford

        a horses brain would be bigger than both yours put together..haha

      • Pukakidon

         Stupid boy

  • logical

    Again left wing idiots wanting to punish the responsible for the failiings of the irresponsible.

    Dont they understand that some of us are capable of running our own lives ? I dont need a left wing loser telling me what i should do!

    • Cadwallader

      Agree. If one makes one’s own liquor do we send oursleves the bill? Idiotic Labour rubbish!

  • Joe Brown

    Still gorgeous though –  IMO would have made a fabulous Miss New Zealand

    • In Vino Veritas

      Surely you jest Joe? Whilst not a bush-pig, she certainly cant be considered gorgeous.

      • Ronnie Chow

         Get Cam to do a sledgehammer close-up .

    • petal

      She’s showing some wear and tear there Joe.  Don’t confuse reality with the Photoshopped campaign photographs.

    • Ford

      id do it

      • Tony

        You’d do Mallard

      • Pukakidon

         Grow up Ford

      • the commodore

        you couldn’t do shit Ford – you wouldn’t have the ‘horse’ power

      • TravisPoulson

        You’d do a horse, but you won’t do a job?

    • Troy

      OK until she opens her mouth – those teeth are real scary.  Aside from that she’s a Helen Clark clone, lets hope she doesn’t progress further in politics.

    • MarcWills

      I hope Specsavers is having a discount sale for you soon!

      Actually, there’s an ad campaign or a Tui’s there.

    • gazzaw

      How tall do you reckon she is Joe. About sixteen hands?

  • Joe Bloggs

    In the finest spirit of Wimbledon, Ross serves a blistering first serve down the centreline which leaves My Little Pony floundering in mid-court. Ace. A desperate Pony looks to the chair umpire, hoping the ball was out. The chair is unmoved – replays clearly show the ball was well inside the line…

    First set to Ross, 6-love…

    What a frickin’ lightweight Ardern is… not knowing her own party policy. Shearer should pull her off Breakfast immediately.

    • Ronnie Chow

       Too thick for primer 1 . In the commentary , 1 wine bottle is 8 standard drinks . A wine cask is 4 bottles , therefore 32 standard drinks at $2 = $64 for a 3l cask .
        That’ll cut down consumption and loose an election in one foul swoop .
         Imagine this bozo representing us in Europe

  • In Vino Veritas

    And there are people about who are seriously touting that she is a future Prime Minister. Nosebag has a long, long way to go before she could possibly be allowed to put her hand up for that job.
    That was embarassing, sort of Phil Goff like.

  • DavidW

    Re the alcohol policy, remember that anything Labour propose is just a kneejerk reaction to the unintended consequences of Anderton’s ill conceived hike in the excise on sherry.  Alcopops only appeared after that event and turned what was really a minor issue into a full-blown problem.  Zymurgy’s Theory of Evolving System Dynamics in action.

  • Bob Prangnell

    Your bottle of Gin is 32 standard drinks, not 37. The calculation on that website that shows 37 drinks is based on an alcohol content of 47% alcohol, which is odd because not many spirits are 47%…nearly all are 40%. And all the 40% bottles I buy say 32 standard drinks on the back.

    • gazzaw

      Locally produced spirits are 37% strength.  

    • Beagle

      Import strength Bombay is 47%…good stuff.

      • In Vino Veritas

        And import strengthe tanqueray

  • petal

    Look at that YouTube still.   Shades of Clark in there.  ((shudder))

  • tarkwin

    Classic Labour, blindly spout ideology without researching the consequences – even less than 28% at the polls.

  • beanyboy

    I did chuckle this morning when I saw this, she should apologise to him….doubt she will tho

  • Ford

    a fairly pathetic argument on her part..quibbling over a $2 price discrepency in a bottle of wine

  • Beagle

    Maths and Socialism have always been mutually exclusive. Shocker. Give yourself and uppercut Cindy.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Labour, punish everyone to correct the antisocial behaviour of the few. Brilliant! They still haven’t learnt that you cannot legislate away stupidity.  

    • Blokeintakapuna

      true – but Sue Bradford tried with the help of Labour…

      • In Vino Veritas

        Tried bloke. And failed miserably, since it can’t be done, unless you are Mao Zedong, in which case you’d just shoot the really stupid ones.

  • James McGehan

    My best selling wines are all about 8 standard drinks.  There are some lower strength, sweeter wines, usually sparkling, which come in at 5.6 to 6 standard drinks.  Excise is set at that level.
    NZ spirits are usually 29 standard drinks (litre bottle). Scotch and other full strength  spirits will be 32 drinks.  Super premium spirits which vary from 42%Alc  to  a vodka from Russia which was over 50% will already be priced far higher than the proposed minimum.
    The idea comes from Scotland, and has been tied there for a few months so it’s a wee bit soon to know how well it will work in reducing the cost to the health budget of the consequences of binge drinking. Sad to see none of our MPs are calling for increased sanctions for drunken behaviour –
    that would put the blame fairly on those who offend and it seems to be an article of faith that itis somehow unfair to them to do that.

    James McGehan

    • In Vino Veritas

      Bundaberg overproof, 57% or so isnt it?

      • Karlos

        Yeah, tastes like arse though, stick to the classic Bundies

      • Pukakidon

         How the hell do you know what arse tastes like and whos arse have you been eating Karlos?

  • Pete George

    Chauvel’s SOP doesn’t seem to limit the minimum price, it would be up to the minister.

    Charles Chauvel on the Labour webstite:
    “The minimum pricing amendment is very simple.  It will give the
    Minister power to set a minimum price per unit of alcohol.  This power,
    if properly exercised, will put an end to $6 bottles of wine being sold
    in supermarkets.”

    I haven’t had an answer yet about how much a $6 bottle would rise to, or a $10 bottle. This seems to be an open ended option at the minister’s discretion.


    • Paul Rain

      Oh wow that sounds great. So um, it might not be the worst idea ever until a year or two into a Labour ministry?

  • Guest


  • gazzaw

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Will be as much use as Anderton’s OAP tax on sherry. When will socialists learn that you cannot control market forces.

  • Johnny T

    That facial structure and those teeth are pretty bloody scary. In any case she is a real lightweight and this is but another example of it.

  • Phronesis

    Where are we going to dump all the wine that can’t be discounted down to what someone will pay for it? I have a bit of room out the back…

  • Pukakidon

    Looks like the sent a little girl to do a womans or mans job

  • WayneO

    Arse. Plate. Handed.

  • Rodger T

    I`m getting ripped off , I only get 4 standard drinks out of a 1 litre bottle of Jack Daniels.
    Maybe I`ve got the JD vs coke ratio mixed up.

  • davcav

    Who here wants to pay $30 for a dozen Steinies?