Poor Form Patrick

Patrick Gower’s Blog

Patrick Gower has written a pretty wrong headed blog about the departure of Willie Apiata from the SAS. I am not going to puff his ego by pasting any text from it.

He has tried to link his departure to poor discipline, poor morale and poor pay for our troops.

THis is an outrageous smear on a hard working effective trooper and the other in the NZ Army and wider Defence Forces.

Willie Apiata has completed several tours of Afghanistan, has served in the Army for more than 20 years. Not only has he served for 23 years but he is going to continue to serve in a part time role as a Territorial soldier.

Given the left wing and media constantly harped on about leaving Afghanistan is it any wonder that when the one place where soldiers can actually do their jobs properly tis now closed off to them that they think about life changes.

Willie Apiata, being a boy from East Cape and a hardened frontline soldier is hardly going to be comfortable driving a desk. It is entirely unsurprising that he wants to retire after 23 years now that life has settled down a bit.

Someone with his prodigious skill-set could easily have walked into plenty of high paying jobs around the world involving private security. He didn’t do that…instead he chose to do something for at-risk youth, a return, if you like, to the life he had before Reuben Parkinson rescued him. I had the privilege of meeting Reuben Parkinson many years ago, and I would like to think it is his influence that has guided Willie Apiata to help at-risk youth

He clearly does not want to cut his ties completely with the Army so will continue serving with the Territorials and contributing his invaluable experience as a veteran of 23 years. with the addition that he will help the High Wire Charitable Trust.

Willie Apiata should he hailed and saluted not used by tainted media hacks to push a political agenda.

Patrick Gower should be ashamed of himself, he isn’t fit to actually write Willie Apiata’s name let alone comment on his decision to leave.


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  • Phar Lap

    Patrick Gower agree he isnt fit for shovelling **** the dirty rotten bugger.

  • Bea

    The problem is Paddy looks at the photo of Willie and then looks in the mirror. And weeps.

  • Grandstream

    As if we needed another reason to poor scorn onto Paddy Gower…….well done for showing Gower for being the little turd that he is.  At least he has his wish on this blog – ie to be the news, not to report it !  As for Willie, go on yah mate !


    Willie probably felt it was time to move onto another job – people do it all the time.

    • Dr Wang

      I heard that Willie was being put out to stud?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    It’s a shame that the good name of Willie Apiata / SAS are included in the same sentance as Patrick Gower – leftie spin doctor turd polisher.

    Gower will now think he’s some kind of keyboard warrior – when in reality Gower is not much more than a churnalist spoon-fed by the left, bereft of an original idea, whose only marginally more credible than Bradford and Hone – and only because TV3 had a hottie weather presenter once…

  • le sphincter

    Come on whale , you know what a news ‘hook’ is , you do it all the time…in fact  a bit overdone.

    HIs story about “poor discipline, poor morale and poor pay ” is still valid.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Exactly who is saing there is poor discipline and morale Schpink? Link so I can read. Do try and make it from someone actually in the army, not a leftie politician or a journalist.

      • gazzaw

        Said all that I need to say on Photo of the Day IVV. Gower & spink are the ultimate examples of ‘journalists’ & polis who are more than happy to diss the armed forces to advance their own inadequate agendas but would never put their bodies on the line to defend our country.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Hey chatte – are you being paid per dog-whistle by your masters at Willis House or by the hour?

      Seems that you have an objectionable comment for every hour of the day and never a skerrick of evidence to back up your bullshit… still that’s in keeping with your masters’ Blue State Digital playbook

    • Polishpride

      Sorry Sphinc not on this one – when you join the army (regular force) you sign up for 20 years. A few get asked to stay longer. He has more than done his time. It will have NOTHING to do with morale. further more as he is SAS and still in Whenuapai he won’t even be around much of the rest of the RF so I doubt any poor morale would have got to him. Poor discipline? – again he’s SAS there is no such thing as poor discipline there. Poor Pay – not for these guys.
      These guys are nuts and I mean that with the utmost respect, awe and pride, a view shared by nearly everyone in the Army.   

      • Paddles83

        The standard engagement is for 3yrs with a guaranteed period of 15yrs 

      • Polishpride – V

        cheers Paddles – I guess times have changed since I served   

      • In Vino Veritas

        A guy I know used to command the SAS in NZ. He told stories that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Polish, you are correct, these guys do not have poor discipline nor poor morale. That is why they are the best in the world.

    • Dave

      Hey French armhole  prior to aging what you have said here, please tell us all you have stood shoulder to shoulder with the SAS and had better discipline.  

      Until then, crawl back int your little hole.    I know several other members of the SAS, and admire them, and everything they do.  Without any exception, they are the most disciplined and ethical people i know.   As to poor pay, PROVE IT.  

      One can only hope you have a good flack jacket.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Well said Cameron.

  • NotLen

    A couple of weeks ago I had the occasion to spend a couple of days with young officers in the regular army and territorials while they put young leaders through a series of challenges.

    The army people were a very impressive lot and we as New Zealanders should be proud that they would represent us when called on to serve.  

  • Mighty Kites

    Way to completely miss the point, but then again I guess that’s par for the course for Whaleoil

    • DJ

      So what was the point?

      Gower took the oppurtunity to use some left wing spin about low morale and wages and discipline and linked it to the retirement of a hero. I call it spin, because up to this point, there hasn’t been any direct quotes used from those leaving the service as to why. Instead of using Apiata’s leaving he could have done some real journalistic work and gone out and found say 10 leavers and aske dthem for their opinions. A much better angle.

      Very poor performance on Gower’s behalf and very unpatriotic.

      And a very typical hit and run comment from a troll.

  • Area86

    if pay was an issue i don’t really think a charitable trust would be the place to look for employment…

  • jedmo

    A scummy article by Patrick Gower, thanks for exposing it to sunlight. It is all Gower’s opinions / prejudices, bootstrapped to the remarkable career of Willie Apiata. Low low low.

  • BG

    Patrick Gower is proof that Helen Clarke and Heather Simpson did have a love child.

    • Mediaan

      Don’t joke about it. Eugenics makes it perfectly possible.

      And those two would have the right connections.

  • Jman

    Agree, agree and agree again with you Whale

  • Neil

    Never been able to take Gower seriously – every time I see him I’m looking at Mr Bean…

  • Rightoverlabour

    Ever since the idiots took and published photos of 
    Willie Apiata they stuffed up any real future in the SAS for him. I read he is getting married or is married. It would make sense to retire now, before she becomes a “soft target” for those who may harbour some ill feeling towards her husband… like the Taliban and their friends.

  • Stopstupidjournalists

    It is a real shame that the SAS are not authorized to go and kick the living shit out journalists that write this sort of crap that denigrates them and their fine service to our country.

    Imagine if pathetic soft little scum like Gower knew they were going to be badly munted every time they took a swipe at the SAS.  

    I reckon their reporting would be far more circumspect and respectful – which it should be in any case

    As it is true heroes that are to be fully respected for their fine service can be smeared by stupid little fools like Gower – pathetic.  

  • Adrian Johns

    Haha I see that LIeutenant General Rhys Jones Has given Gower an absolute Bitch Slapping in the comments section of his blog. To précis, Willie Apiata is a humble man and the Army are handling this in the way that HE wants and will give him the send of that HE wants, and by the way Gower your whole story is speculation and bullshit!

    I’m amazed Gower let it past moderation, it must have really torn his over inflated ego between wanting everyone to know that he got the top brass’s attention and not wanting everyone to see him getting owned by Jones