Poor Form Patrick

? Patrick Gower’s Blog

Patrick Gower has written a pretty wrong headed blog about the departure of Willie Apiata from the SAS. I am not going to puff his ego by pasting any text from it.

He has tried to link his departure to poor discipline, poor morale and poor pay for our troops.

THis is an outrageous smear on a hard working effective trooper and the other in the NZ Army and wider Defence Forces.

Willie Apiata has completed several tours of Afghanistan, has served in the Army for more than 20 years.?Not only has he served for 23 years but he is going to continue to serve in a part time role as a Territorial soldier.

Given the left wing and media constantly?harped?on about leaving Afghanistan is it any wonder that when the one place where soldiers can actually do their jobs properly tis now closed off to them that they think about life changes.

Willie Apiata, being a boy from East Cape and a hardened frontline soldier is hardly going to be comfortable driving a desk. It is entirely unsurprising that he wants to retire after 23 years now that life has settled down a bit.

Someone with his prodigious skill-set could easily have walked into plenty of high paying jobs around the world involving private security. He didn’t do that…instead he chose to do something for at-risk youth, a return, if you like, to the life he had before?Reuben?Parkinson?rescued?him. I had the privilege of meeting?Reuben?Parkinson many years ago, and I would like to think it is his influence that has guided Willie Apiata to help at-risk?youth

He clearly does not want to cut his ties completely with the Army so will continue serving with?the Territorials and contributing?his invaluable experience as a veteran of 23 years. with the addition that he will help the High Wire Charitable Trust.

Willie Apiata should he hailed and saluted not used by tainted media hacks to push a political agenda.

Patrick Gower?should?be ashamed of himself, he isn’t fit to actually write Willie Apiata’s name let alone comment on his decision to leave.