Public Broadcasting…no thanks

Liberty Scott

A proper explanation why politicians are crap at pretty much everything, but in this instance providing public broadcasting:

I’m resigned to free to air TV in NZ being braindead, because it’s what most people want most of the time.  There is better on Sky and some regional broadcasters.  There is more online and that is where the media is heading.

I don’t trust politicians to bring me better broadcasting, because I don’t trust them to buy me food, clothing or buy me healthcare or a pension.  Those who want better should support what is there now and if so inclined, make their own content.  It is remarkably cheap to do so given digital technology (none of which came from public broadcasters).

The coming years will continue the profound revolution in media that has been going on for the last 20 years, a revolution that is challenging existing free to air broadcasters and newspapers.   The ability to access content from all over the world and publish your own content is transforming media, discourse, journalism and starting to affect politics.
That is where the future is – not a small state owned TV channel, nor in considering ways to regulate one of the country’s most successful broadcasters (particularly when just about any way that a government might consider regulating it will breach the country’s WTO commitments on audio-visual services).


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  • Ford

    even sky is shit..instead of free repeats people  pay for repeats

  • Jman

    off topic but is there a link to the audio with John Pagani this morning? I can’t find it on the ZB website.


  • Mike

    Because I live o’seas, I can download as much as I want without being price-raped by Telecom. Accordingly, I can watch the very best of programming when I want. Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Homeland – even Californication + hundreds of great shows made over the past few years. (who can’t go back and watch Deadwood over and over?). I know I’m downloading and watching for free… so I guess the commercial model needs to get up to date. But NZ programming did my head in, it was impossible to watch, even if it wasn’t loaded up with moronic advertising. When it comes to modern comms, yet again, McLuhan was right.