“Pure Greed”


David Rankin, the outspoken Ngapuhi leader, has criticised the claimants in the current Waitangi Tribunal water claim for acting out of what he labels “pure greed.”:

“These claimants need to be honest. What they are after is a slice of the pie. This is not about culture, it is all about profit and personal gains,” says Mr. Rankin. He points to the Sealord fisheries settlement 20 years ago, and says “after two decades, the vast majority of Maori have not seen a single fish. It is only the elite few manipulating the masses who get to enjoy the money that flows from these settlements”.

In the case of the current claim over rivers, Mr. Rankin points the finger at Maanu Paul and Annette Sykes. “These two,” he says, “are silent when one of our children is bashed, silent when one of our children is raped, silent when one of our children is murdered. But put some cash before their eyes, and they jump up and down pretending to be concerned about Maori rights. It’s disgraceful.”

Mr Rankin said that the claimants obviously put cash before culture. “Traditionally, we all shared the water in rivers. There was never any sense of ownership, only a link of identity. That’s why there is the phrase: Ko wai ahau?”

Mr. Rankin also questions the mandates of Maanu Paul and Annette Sykes. “What rights do they have to speak on our behalf?” he asks. “What is their whakapapa, and who do they really represent? These are self-appointed leaders – known among Maori to be “Claytons Leaders”, that is, the leaders when you don’t want a leader.”


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  • Pin

    David…..”Go You Good Thing!”……….I think you represent the views of many sound thinking New Zealanders. 

  • Wayne

    Eloquently stated and, the feelings of most Kiwis, no matter their ethnicity.

    I’m tired of these Maori radicals hiding behind the smokescreen of “culture” – when ultimately, control and the mighty dollar is their real driver.

    Just look at the Taniwha that held up the Auckland – Hamilton expressway for months, only to disapear mysteriously when the paper bag full of cash was tabled.

    They are the real hypocrites and racists in this ongoing saga, that is Waitangi gravy train.

  • Joe Bloggs

    At last some honesty and integrity appears in Maoridom. The Sealord deal is a great example of a chosen few and using their favoured positions as ‘leaders’ to further their own interests and feather-bed themselves – Shane Jones’ contribution to Sealord can be summarised on the back of a postage stamp, whereas the benefits that he reaped for himself need an offshore bank account for storage.

    Sykes and Paul do themselves no favours either – sucking at the teat of the Maori Council – no pro bono representation from them.

    Meanwhile the bashing, poor health and poorer education continues unabated for the poor cousins…Rankin’s views deserve to be given sunlight and widely reported.

    • In Vino Veritas

      I think Joe, you could probably throw Donna Hall and Edie Durie into the SykesPaul mix as well.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        And Margaret Mutu and Ken Mair

  • Polishpride

    When I grew up I was taught by Maori that (much like Native American Indians) they felt the land did not belong to them. Instead it was more they belonged to the land and were responsible for looking after it. If only that were still true for Maori and everyone else here.  

    • 4077th

      PP..Indeed! We are custodians at best and nothing more.

    • Were they the same ones dutifully looking after the land by growing the best and biggest gorse bushes?

      • Polishpride

        No from Levin not Raglan

      • Euan Rt

        Well Polish, I grew up in Otaki and rented Maori land in Manukau. It was riddled with gorse. You could tell what was Maori land and what was privately owned. 

      • Polishpride

        Thats because Otaki was Levins very poor cousin at the time :)

  • Bob

    I vote David Rankin.

    • 4077th

      Be careful what you wish for Bob

  • Alloytoo

    Sadly the “pigs at the trough” mentality of so called indigenous leadership is a global phenomena.

    Rankin, as always, provides a breath of fresh air.

    • Polishpride – V

      How do you think they got this way of thinking Alloytoo? 

      • Alloytoo

        Foolish concessions to outdated tribal customs.

    • Phronesis

      Of course it is. What does anyone seriously expect to happen when you give money to a tribe. It’s not a democracy, and they don’t give a damn about those at the bottom.

  • David Rankin, top bloke

  • Hamilton Lad

    If only there was more of this type of thinking in Maoridom ….  David, ‘You is da man!’

  • Richard McGrath

    David Rankin has just gone up hugely in my estimation. Well said that man. 

  • Guest

    Dont get carried away folks – Rankin says some good words here but is still prone to a fair bit of weird bullshit himself…

  • Pete George

    Ah, but you can’t criticise the claim now, they’ve played the taniwha card.

    However, the Maori belief that taniwha were the guardians of their
    waterways giving them exclusive use of that water was evidence that
    Maori believed they ‘owned’ the water in modern English terms.

    “People say ‘in this resource is my taniwha, my guardian spirit. He
    protects me, he protects my water resource. He’s not your taniwha so if
    you are going to use that resource without my permission, he will do
    terrible things to you’.


    • Wayne

      Taniwha – Tamiti and his shotgun?

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Well that settles it then.  It’s now just a question of which taniwha is more expensive to shift on.

    • MASH_4077th

      The only Taniwha is Annette Sykes.The same Taniwha that lurks in the shadows waiting to pluck the public purse of more legal aid for her personal racist crusades. 

    • Phronesis

      I will take my chances with the taniwha thanks….

  • Hey agree that water is for all but I think it is only heading to corporate greed with National too  so in retro-spect which do you think is best for all NZer?

  • gazzaw

    As a matter of course David Rankin will now be abused, denigrated & classified as an Uncle Tom. 

  • GregM

    You all do realise that legal aid is picking up the tab for the Maori Council’s lawyers? Don’t they have enough of our money already? If they haven’t got any money, where has it all gone?
    Snouts in the trough at many levels

  • alwyn_a

    Am I being unduly cynical when I look at the tribal area of Ngapuhi and find that there are no hydroelectric power stations, and no possible locations for any?
    There are also, as far as I can see, no prospective geothermal sites.
    Of course I am being cynical. Such considerations would never occur to David Rankin.

  • Travis Poulson

    As a person with a small hint of scandinavian ancestry, I claim rights to the thunderstorms that create the rain, because my imaginary friend Thor created them. That entitles me to control over the rain. If you Treaty claimants dont like it, I’ll get Thor to turn the bloody water off. Sorry but you’ve forced me into this position. Your Taniwha ain’t nothin’ without his water.

    • gazzaw

      Travis, did your iwi arrive in the Viking waaka that settled Dannevirke & Norsewood? Stick in a claim mate – we’re all equal under the Treaty. Or are we?

      • Travis Poulson

        No, but I also did a stint living in ol’ Dannevegas, so I’m more than qualified. After all, you ‘white/brown motherf***ers’ been rapin’ me clouds for years!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Add the Maori and Mana parties to that list. Likewise conspicuous with their silence on Maori social ills. Unless it is to ask for ever increasing sums of money to throw after the already substantial sums of money to sort the problem out. The trouble is, that nobody believes that throwing money at it has or will ever work, especially those with there hands out. It is a bit like some international charities, only 10% gets to those really in need.
    With the Maori elite it is all about the money and maintaining their control of an outdated tribalism model. The slaves are lucky to get the crumbs from the table. As for taniwha we should declare an open season on them they are long overdue for extinction.
    This David Rankin does sound like a Proud and Noble man prepared to call it how it is, a Maori disgrace.

  • Simo

    Thanks David, the other side of my family have bashed me over the head for years about “you owe us”, we own it… blah blah blah, its refreshing to hear publicly what 90% of the population are thinking on this matter and its breathtaking to hear this from Maoridom. We all appreciate your well timed and “actually the way it is” comments.

  • Cows4me

    Like Simo my family is also Maori and they see this latest lolly scramble as just another bullshit excuse to feather the nests of the Maori aristocracy. Fuck it’s way pass time our politicians called time out on this crap. And I can assure you your common garden variety of Maori would be the first to cheer.

    Another thought, if these racists like Skyes gain control of the waterways will they be there with the cheque books when one of their precious rivers breaks it’s banks and wipes out a town. All care and no fucking responsibility I’m picking. 

  • Guest

    Of course, it comes out this afternoon that the Maori Council are upset they wont get the “full” legal aid, but only the minimum…

    And yep, you guessed it, Maanu Paul plays the “its racist” card…didnt see that one coming! (yeah right…)

  • Ford

    the  few maori are no different to the few european who manipulate the masses for their own greedy get rich scams..when maori do it people moan and grizzle..when europeans do it they calls it politics and moving forward

  • Graeme

    Always interesting to hear from Rankin who told us that Harawira had a pakeha Grandfather and his name is John Hadfield. Rankin is “Harawira’s cousin.

  • Graeme

    Interesting too that the “Maori” who kick up the biggest fuss are usually of mixed blood and not pure blood Maori

  • Dave

    Thank you David for exactly what you have said.   A sense of identity with them, not ownership.  I have always believed, the ownership of the rivers, ocean and the air around us is vested in the crown, which is ALL OF US.  Maori, Pakeha, all of NZ’s residents, we all have a right to use and an obligation to protect them for future generations.    Lets say with maori ownership of the water, goes the responsibility for them to maintain it, to clean it, and to REALLY look after them for everyone, not their own pockets.  

    Can Maori really afford to look after them and protect them for future generations of Kiwis.   Frankly, the chinese would be better custodians, as they have the resources and funds to manage them, and maintain them.

  • Phar Lap

    Not forgetting up to now Legal Aid from the taxpayer for the begging bowl tribunal is $850,000 not bad for a trumped up water claim.Surely with the 36 BILLION DOLLARS the Maoris have in assets,why should the NZ taxpayer have to pay for their claims.

  • Dave

    Final point.   If their bloody Tanawhai is living in and under our water/harbours/rivers/ proposed motorways, developments and so forth, that is a crown asset at this point in time, and an asset we as taxpayers pay to maintain, then we should send maori a rent claim for free living for all those years.   must come to at least a few billion.

    Yup, I am completely over these phony claims for anything of any percieved value, and I suspect so are the rest of Kiwis.      

  • Hey if you get sometime everyone pop over to my Blog where both sides of the brain has been at work lol – welcome any comments to get the awakening going 

    • B-mcmckay

      Dear Maori If you own the water can you please pay for all water damage and leaky homes. We as new zealanders are sick and tiered of your god damn sons a bitches water wrecking our property.
      That’s the least you can do as owners of this water that’s fucking our shit up.we deserve compensation.

  • Lesage1980

    Maorism is the cancer of this nation.
    You try to heal it , and it never gets any better

  • Trisha

    David Rankin may know about Maori  but he doesn’t know about the Mauri Tapu  Mana
    ..the people who are responsible for  looking after our land are doing a shit job.. permits to mine for gold, permits to drill for oil, permits to put toxic chemicals on the land, permits release millions of litres of sewage every night into the land and sea, permits to land developers, All for the dreaded dollar.who is greedy now? 90% maori don’t want this pollution and blatant disregard of our land,  but 90% of the  visitors that call new zealand their home, do.

    • Hey yeah not much talk about what goes in the water, who wants to own and talk filth – filth, lol . I invited comments to my Blog but nobody can say anything?

    • Dave

      Trisha Maori don’t own every of NZ land, it’s obvious you want Maori to own Nz, well my place is for sale, upper nth shore, you can have it for a mill Pop round with the cheque. I’m moving overseas, had enough of Maori claiming everything and anything of any value, I see by your comments your no different. Maori don’t want this we want that, no to land sales, no to minerals, mining etc.

      So please, please explain Trisha how is NZ supposed to pay to care for NZers health, the dole, the pensions. The police and prison systems. Youno NZ is runnIng out of tax paying workers as more end up on the dole or acc or sickness beneficiaries, so who is going up pay for our nanny state. Yup, NZ will be broke soon if we don’t sell of some surplus assets, start mining and cut expenditure. That also means no more Maori claims NZ just can’t afford it, the hind tits that too many have been sucking on have run dry.

      Me, I’m selling up, moved to QLD to run my own business there. Will be close to the mines. Great opportunity, trades like me can earn 150 k a year plus more. And Trish, my tax take will go to the Australiam government, that’s one less taxpayer paying into the NZ economy. Plus, the Aussie government gets billions from mining royalties and taxes, they pour millions from that into roads, schools and hospitals and tax cuts.

      So please don’t moan about all manner Of things unless you can understand who is going to pay for the things you and your mates enjoy and take for granted.

      •  Some good points Dave. Money is the problem here aye. We don’t need it frankly and you will get the details by clicking on my username and linking to my Blog. In fact it answers everything if one cares to find and understand the truth in one article

      •  Sorry I should have stated a bit more – we don’t even need the Power Stations either

  • Steve and Monique

    Big respect for your comment David.Love to see your maori brothers use the racist card against you,because if you were pakeha,it would have raised its ugly head by now.

    • patriot

      Rankin is heading in the right direction ,
      NZ elected a Govt  to run NZ — Maori party does not run NZ , Annette Sykes is a Mana Party member , Maanu Paul is not elected as any NZ Govt representative   .

      Maori Party & Mana Party each got 1% votes — they do not have a mandate to tell NZ what to do . 

       maoris need to go thru their MPs to have a speaking part to NZ at large — otherwise they are talking to their own inner political party members — Sykes should shutup — That racist  Brown MotherF , Harawira ,( his words )   is the MP for Mana , Not Sykes .

      Water is Not owned until someone has collected the water eg  my water is owned by me when it falls on my houseroof and runs into my water tanks for my use  …  There is no legal maori rain nor maori clouds nor maori water  ( unless proven customary water from 1840 ) .

      I was born in Masterton and as much indiginous to NZ than any other NZ born NZer — maoris included.   maori NZer rights should not be superior to my rights as a NZer.  end of story .