Radio Live today at 1400

I’m on Radio Live today with Willie, JT and Matt McCarten.

Three pinkos vs me seems fair.

Tune in to Radio Live from 2pm – 3pm, or listen to the live stream.


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  • Mediaan

    Good luck in that logic-free zone.

  • Whafe

    Best of luck Cam, hard to have a logical discussion when there is virtually nil logic present

  • Notrotsky

    Three pinkos …..but not bad blokes and at least you know where you stand with them, it’s a pity there’s not more of their ilk around parties of the left instead of dross that inhabit those parties at the moment.

  • Mediaan

    You did well to be heard amongst those bought and sold rabble-rousers.

    Water ownership is an issue. Yeah, right.

    Note how they are flogging the Strictly For Stupid People issues? It shows they have no respect for voters of the left, and clamour to espouse the dopey issues.

    Interested to be told to attend Bastille Day event. If they promise to execute thugs who pick on girl tourists to kidnap and rape, I’ll not only go but take a chair and some knitting.

  • BR

    Willie Jackson doesn’t believe his own bullshit.
    The insincerity in his voice betrays him.

  • notagreedyrangi

    willie u racist prick