Rail Loop will never be built

? NZ Herald

The Herald details 210 properties that have to be bought in order to complete Len?Brown’s?mad rail loop idea. Given that he?doesn’t have the cash to even start buying them and the owners will likely stall and prevaricate as a negotiation ploy I think I can safely predict that Len Brown’s rail loop will never be built in his lifetime and probably not mine:

Most of Albert St in central Auckland stands to be dug up and more than 200 properties affected by the city’s proposed $2.86 billion underground railway.

According to a plan announced by Auckland Transport yesterday, most of 210 surface properties likely to be needed for the project are at the Mt Eden end of a?3.5km pair of tunnels?running under the west of the city centre, from Britomart.

They will include the five-storey headquarters of MediaWorks and its TV3 subsidiary below the New North Rd and Mt Eden Rd intersection, near where the tunnels will emerge before joining the western railway line.

But an even larger property in the firing line is Westfield’s sprawling Downtown shopping mall of 81 retail outlets at the city end, valued at more than $80 million.

Auckland Transport chief executive David Warburton said the site would probably have to be cleared for a pair of “cut and cover” trenched tunnels from Britomart to upper Albert St, behind Aotea Square.