Rodney Hide on Dads

Herald on Sunday

Rodney Hide has written his column on Dads…including his own:

My Dad’s a great man. He’s not great like he was once prime minister or something. He wasn’t a great sportsman, a celebrity or an activist. He is a great man in the way all the good men of his generation are.

He worked hard all his life. He looked after his family. He enjoys every day. I have never known him to say a bad thing about another person. I doubt he has ever had a bad thought. The only thing he can’t abide is laziness. His measure of anyone is how hard they work.

He doesn’t study. Or read books. And he never lectures people. I don’t recall him ever telling me off.

But, again, like all the good men of his generation, he sets a standard, not by talking about it but by living it. He is a role model for me; one that I have always aspired to live up to but haven’t always succeeded. The values that guide him are basic and good, handed down from his parents and their parents before them.

They are simple values but these days they appear impossibly hard to live up to.

My good fortune in life is to have had that standard set and to have been inspired always to try to live up to it.

Simple values, easy to understand but hard to live up to…unfortunately there are plenty of people out there who don;t have any standards to live up to and worse we have a society that says in all sorts of ways that it isn’t your fault…there, there petal…the government will take care of it.

We now have entire neighbourhoods that have no dads. That’s never happened before, even in wartime. The welfare system has made dads economically redundant. In the raising of children they have become an optional extra.

The DPB cheque each week provides the financial support for the raising of children but it can’t substitute for a father to look up to and to learn from. Young boys learn from their dads how to be good husbands and fathers. Young girls learn what to look for in a husband and father for their children.

There are 225,000 adults not living with one or other of their children. Most are men.

We know there are deadbeat dads. But there are plenty of good dads, too, made redundant from family life by the DPB.


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  • AnonWgtn

    Nice to know that my Dad was not unique.

  • Robert

    Maybe Rodney might’ve turned out okay if his dad had told him off a bit.

    • gazzaw

      So what’s wrong with Rodney then Robert? Pray tell us a bit about yourself.

      • Neil

        He reminds ME too much of Trevor Mallard…..

      • Rodney_Hide

        Hey Whale — being compared to Duck.  Is that defamatory?

      • Yes, that is an appalling smear Neil…

  • Rodney_Hide

    Ha Ha.  That was my mother’s job!

    • Neil

      My Mum usually confronted us with “You wait ’til your father gets home”

      • Neil

        Sorry Rodney – I’m not a lawyer – but in my English I wasn’t comparing you to anyone I said you remind me of ……

  • Mr_Blobby

    Well written and never a truer word said. Now how do we go about, reversing the current system, and   putting the situation right?
    The current plan seems to be, nothing, but wait until the system collapses under its own weight. With the resulting, social turmoil.

  • Rodger T

    When the politicians finally decide to pull finger on this issue ,I suggest they also implement open carry laws for those of us without criminal convictions,just to level the playing field.

    • MrV


      • Rodger T

        Ok V,put it this way, when the welfare cash dries up , how do you think you will be able to protect your family and home when the hordes of unwashed former beneficiaries, unemployables and garden variety scumbags decide they want what you have?

        My first comment may have been a little subtle. But I thought most regular readers here would have got the gist. : )

        It`ll be anarchy I tell you …anarchy with a capital A.

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  • Tristanb

    So, what did Rodney do about it when he was in government? Fucking shit all.

    I don’t get why when this guy had the opportunity to change things, but just fucked around with supercities and holidays. He was too scared to say things like this as a politician – did he really think the voters of Epsom would have disagreed?!

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Any fuckwit can write an opinion piece – this guy had his chance and blew it – taking the ACT party down with him.

    • Rodney_Hide

      Cheer up!

    • James

      Learn some history. Rodney went into bat for the little oppressed guy on many occasions….often alone.

    • nasska

       Good grief…..what do you expect a minor party to accomplish?  We’re still part of a democracy where a few seats gives less power than many seats.

      If they get a fraction of their wishlist written into legislation they can’t be termed a failure.

    • Neil

      So is this comparing you to a fuckwit? …Lol!!!!!

      • Travis Poulson

        Oh, so you saw that self inflicted insult too.