Roll up, Roll up

the tipline


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Just the kind of poster needed to put plastered all over any “labour party” electioneering signage…

  • Neil

    Who are those shadow men?

  • Troy

    Yes pity the Liarbor Party couldn’t have been more honest by putting at the bottom that they had done exactly the same thing in the past.  Bunch of fucking hypocrites, the laughable thing is, the public know it.

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  • Johnbronkhorst

    and only one went to jail for it!!!!

  • David


  • baw

    Is the NZ Labour party for sale as well? Do I buy Labour and get the Greens for free, or is it buy Labour and get Winston for free?

    I’m sure I could find use for them somewhere. – Don’t know where but I’m sure I will think of it. 

    (ok for the record they are useful opposition parties, but I don’t want them in power)

  • Ford

    roll up a doobie? some papers?

    • Greg M

       I thought you didn’t smoke?