Roy Morgan Poll

Roy Morgan

The Roy Morgan poll continues to go up and down like a whore’s drawers:

Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows a fall in support for Prime Minister John Key’s National Party 45.5% (down 2% since June 8 — 24, 2012). Support for Key’s Coalition partners has barely changed with the Maori Party 1% (down 0.5%), United Future 0.5% (unchanged) and ACT NZ 0.5% (unchanged).

Support for Labour has risen 0.5% to 32.5% (the highest Labour has been since July 2011), Greens are 13% (up 1%), New Zealand First 4.5% (up 0.5%), Mana Party 0.5% (unchanged) and Others 2% (up 0.5%).

If a National Election were held today today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll suggests an election result would be ‘too close to call’.


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  • Peter

    Yep, we are in for loop fruit government from 2014. Nats will get blame for everything and go down I am afraid. Will be fun to watch as we get a healthy dose of Normanonomics. Primary industry will be taxed to oblivion and we will make Australias Carbon Tax look like a minor tax.

    • Ford

      when the nats took over labour got the blame for everything so whats new..not much

      • Bunswalla

        Certainly nothing from you

  • Apolonia

    Once again the “others” category on 2% is higher than; Maori, Mana, United and Act all on 0.5%.
    It would be useful if Roy Morgan told us who the “Others” are, and why he lumps them in with a Labour led Government. 

  • Steve and Monique

    A couple percent.2014 still away off,so will have a look then.Polls are all over the show most of the time anyway.And if the worst does happen,and those other fruit loops get in,then lets see the flood gates open to Aussie,cause this place will be fucked.

  • ExNavyGreg

    hmm dunno

  • Harry

    If you’re already set up and ahead in life, post 2014 will be good for a laugh. For the rest it’ll be a case of get out while you can. 

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    This is why I am saying don’t piss off the Maori party and also keep NZ First happy. Otherwise Commie Norman will be your finance minister bros. 

  • Good days ahead

    ford should get a falcon – i agree with all the rest of your comments – cheers

  • Meg

    Thats right Whale, down for the Nats up for Labour. Just as it was last time. People are starting to wake up to Key and his lot. 

    • Bunswalla

      There’s only one poll that counts Meg, and in case you forgot the result – we won, you lost. Eat that.

      • le sphincter

        congratulations for getting 47.3% last time

      • Meg

        National will lose the next election and Labour will be the Government. 

        Eat that.

  • Cadwallader

    If Australia’s business leaders were entitled to vote in NZ’s general election, John Key’s government would be a further 20% ahead of the Labour-led loonie left.

  • Owl

    National are keeping their powder dry. What people haven’t seen yet and it will be extremely obvious come election time is that the NZ public have not seen Shearer on the hustings yet or on one on one debates. National know that Shearer wont have the public debating skills that Keys will have. The “worm” will destroy Shearer come TV debate time and National knows it.

    Here is my poll
    National 45%
    National coalition parties 8%
    National unknown sympathy vote 2%

    Labour sympathy votes 30%
    Greens “lost in space votes” 10%
    NZ First – we got that wrong votes 3%
    Labour unknown sympathy votes 2%

    • le sphincter

      Thats what they said about Key in 08. No debating skills ! 

      Thats the funny bit he still has a very poor speaking style compared to allmost all previous PMs.
      Guess what , it didnt matter

      • Owl

         le sphincter – I am going to agree with you – there we can be friends…however one slight difference – he had a united party behind him and wasn’t made up of splinter groups with the exception of Williamson. They looked like a Government in waiting – the Labour party look like a group of headline grabbers and people who have serious chips on their shoulders.

        When 15% of your support is with the greens you can not govern. Breakdown the core labour caucus as well. 50% unionist 10% Gay 30% socialist 20% centre left.

        Seriously and lets be very serious for the moment – the only policy Labour has pushed forward and I do mean policy, not scare and scandals is…gay marriages…this is their only policy to date.

        Finance policy – none
        labour policy – none
        economic policy – none
        law and order policy – none
        health policy – none
        education policy – none
        maori policy – none
        international policy – none
        gay marriage policy – yes

        let me go one step further on international policy – Australia is invaded by whoever – Andrew Little international policy would be Health and Safety?? ACC benefits for NZ defending Australia?

        PLEASE !!!

    • Meg

      Nice dream there Owl.