Saturday General Debate

Are we over the fat german yet?



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  • Greg

    Way over the Tellytubbie.  Why does he think he’s that important?
    Please can we concentrate on more important issues.

    • gazzaw

      Way over him. Can’t wait for the FBI to come & collect him.

  • maninblack

    that song is terrible.. poor bastard.. must be embarrassing..

  • Guest

    First line – “The War for the internet has begun”. Stopped watching after that.

    There’s something slightly disturbing about watching Germans talk about starting a war.

    • They aren’t crash hot on winning them either.

      • gazzaw

        Except against the French……………nuff said.

      • Neil

         They did Cameron – just not in 1940’s – who is the power of Europe now?

    • gazzaw

      I don’t think the Germans have anything to withstand a strike by any off the SSBNs in the Royal Navy. The new Astute class looks particularly nasty piece of work as the Argies may find out in the near future. Fortunately it’s all academic now but I wouldn’t write the Brits off as a military power just yet.

      The only significant power that the Germans got to beat in the 1940s was the French. You could hardly count surprise attacks on Poland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium,  Netherlands, Greece & Yugoslavia as being of much military merit.  

  • Alex

     I’ve seen more appealing videos produced in a 6th form media studies class than this.  David Fisher was once again fawning over Dotcom.  Be an interesting case study: how this guy has managed to unite Leftists, and extreme right wingers who read the Protocols of Zion and think that Dotcom is the victim of some Jewish Hollywood conspiracy.

  • Timboh

    Had some sympathy for him originally until he ‘had a go’ at John Banks after Banks was unable to assist him in his immigration effort. Now couldn’t give a toss.

    • Sadu

      Yep, Dotcom tried (successfully) to make John Banks look like a cunt, while somehow coming out on the moral high-ground as far as the media were concerned. Looked like sour grapes to me – the big man should have been a bigger man about it and just accepted that buying favours isn’t cool.

      • adybombs

        And making Banks look like a cunt really isn’t that big of an achievement

  • Peter

    Yeah, that fat bastard shouldn’t be able to broadcast his views on anything!  Shut him down…NOW!!

    • gazzaw

      At least we will only have to suffer him in the broadsheet Horrid on Saturday – the bastard won’t fit on the front page of the new weekday tabloid editions.  

  • Neil

    Excuse the late arrival on this interesting discussion – so your hatred is that he’s a fat ex-german  – nothing to do with his human rights being stomped all over by our puppet police? o/k that much is fine by me….It’s not him that’s important at all it’s what has happened and under whose instructions that matters….

    • Comparing himself to Martin Luther King is really pretty poor taste.

      • Neil

        Never said the man had ANY taste – christ he’s an overweight buffoon – I’m on his side simply for what has happened to him…..

    • Mediaan

      Define human rights. Much claimed in their name, but nobody ever explains where they come from.

      And why are they different in third world countries?

      And who gets to pay or them?

    • gazzaw

      You and many others seem to forget Neil that we have signed an extradition treaty with the USA that we are bound to honour when asked to do so. It’s over to the German now to prove why he should not be escorted back to the US to answer those charges.  

  • Mark

    I am confused and admit to knowing very little about the law in this area but as I understand it Dotcom has a multimillion internet business operating from NZ and allegedly selling access to copywrite film and music produced in Hollywood and elswhere.  Based on this allegation the FBI convinced the NZ Police to undertake a raid with helicopters and armed police, seize all the assets of this business with what turns out to be an illegal warrant and arrent Dotcom and others for an extradition hearing.

    The judge hearing the case tells the NZ police not to hand any of the seized material to the FBI until the case has been heard but a very clever lawyer at the crown law office says that its OK to hand over copies of the data to the FBI as it is not the actual seized material. Close to giving the NZ court the digital salute

    The court then ruiles that the search warrants were very limited and the infomration handed to the FBI was illegally obtained.

    And all this armed police and business closure based upon an unproven allegation of copywrite infringement.  The FBI and NZ Police look like the keystone cops here.

    Now Dotcom may well be a criminal mastermind running an evil empire that threatens the very core of Hollywood but there are some fundamental issues that should concern everyone here about the application of the law, extradition and having the NZ police following the rules. 

    Gazzaw rightly points out that NZ signed an extradition treaty with the US but that does not get around the fact that the seizures of equipment and data from Dotcom’s residence appear to be illegal, the NZ Government is complicit in closing a business based upon an allegation of copywrite fraud and data appears to have been handed to the FBI despite a ruling from a NZ court that the police were not to do so.

    This is a comedy show and when Hollywood does the movie based on this event it is not the FBI or Hollywood who will be made out to be fuckwits in this process, that priveledge will be reserved for the NZ Police and our very own crown law office.