SFNS strikes again


With SFNS like these two, what the hell did they think would happen? When are people going to realise that bad things happen to people with silly first names:

Rocks, stones, bottles and shopping trolleys were hurled at police as an 18th-birthday party spiralled out of control.

Up to 200 drunken young people clashed with officers in Paraparaumu as a squad from Wellington in protective gear tried to break up and disperse them.

Twins Rhythm and Heaven-Leigh Hartman decided to hold a joint 18th party, with two friends also celebrating birthdays, on Saturday night at their home in Rimu Rd. Rhythm posted an open invitation on Facebook.

His sister said she expected a lot of people to turn up, but not the number who did.

“We are quite popular kids,” she said. “Everyone knows us. It was a party everyone was talking about. Everyone had to come from Kapiti, Otaki, Porirua.”


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    From the photo they appear to carry their stupidity as a badge of honour.  Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Gravedodger

    Were they named to mark their conception, by catholic parents when the pregnancy beat the accepted contraception method of 19 years ago.

  • Sarrs

    Read down to the bit where it was police’s  fault 300 teenagers caused trouble. Not their fault for having that many at a residential house with probably every neighbour in the street complaining. And of course your 300 friends were all tame and well behaved, because you can totally keep an eye on what 300 people are doing at once.  

    • Neil

      Yeah I read that too – stupid shits – I love how the young always come up with that – “There was no problem until the cops showed up!!”

    • Callum

      The first sign these days that the stories of police brutality aren’t quite what is being claimed is a lack of video, everyone has a phone capable of video these days so why nothing on Youtube showing the police getting happy with the rubber bullets as some of the “kids” are saying?

  • Saccharomyces

    Wow, more people showed up to and caused more trouble at some 18th party than the Silly Sue/Butch Bradford could organise for her little group group tanty outside Sky city. Lol.

  • Paul Lawrence

    But why is this front page news in the print edition.  Some of the comments on Stuff make interesting reading

  • Vlad

    The SFNS epidemic seems more widespread in NZ than elsewhere in the world, from my observations of various news sites.  Same for slapper-stamp tattoos and other voluntary ball-and-chain attachments in the race of life.