So fix this, Green Party


Natural changes  in seawater is causing global climate change according to a new study.  So what are the Greens going to do about that?  Drain the Pacific Ocean?

Natural changes in seawater chemistry are a key cause of 
climate change, a new study 

Experts at the University of Toronto and the University of California Santa Cruz have found that the impact of continental collisions and divisions over millions of years has a major 
impact on global warming.

The geological activity causes the dissolution or creation of massive gyspum deposits which scientists have found alters the sulphate content of the ocean and the atmosphere. That in turn affects the climate.

Researchers believe that “times of high sulphate concentrations in ocean water correlate with global cooling, just as times of low concentration correspond with greenhouse periods”.

Professor Ulrich Wortmann, of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Toronto and lead author of the study, said: “While it has been known for a long time that gyspum deposits can be formed and destroyed rapidly, the effect of these processes on seawater chemistry has been overlooked.

“The idea represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of how ocean chemistry changes over time and how these changes are linked to climate.”


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  • Johnbronkhorst

    How inconvenient!!!

  • Neil

    Getting more than a little sick of every tinpot new science “discovery” about our climate gaining so much coverage by MSM……

  • Stamper44

    The more that real scientists dig into climate related matters, the more the Co2 / green-house-gas theory is shown to be irrelevant.
    And there is the reality of temperatures having flat-lined for about 10-15 years now while Co2 levels have continued to climb sharply.
    Another world domes-day scare is fading away.

    And now Niwa is having to defend the manipulations of that slime J Salinger who manipulated their key data to try to maintain the lie of AGW.

  • Mr_Blobby

    If the oceans of the world are slightly acidic, would it be possible to drop electrodes into the water and use it as a massive low voltage battery?

    • Magoo

      There’s a way to go yet Blobby, the ocean’s ph is supposed to be somewhere around 8.14, which is alkaline.

      My personal opinion is that it might help if all the greens of the world fart in a big jar and then smoke it through a giant communal huka pipe. It might not produce any energy, but it’ll reduce the CO2 output when they all cark it from sucking on their own fart gas. Just a thought.

  • Richard Watts

    These are geological processes. It might make a difference in 50,000 years or so. 

  • niggly

    The Green movements around the world should lobby Govts to fund a time machine to send the activists back in time (millions of years) to organise workshops and direct-action against the (then) emerging problems etc.

    Not only would it instantly rid us of their sanctimonious presence but it would also do them all a favour because they no longer would need to feel “white mans” guilt for being the descendants of the industrial revolution that has “caused this all” etc ;-) Win-Win surely?