Something fishy about this story

the tipline

Friday’s NZ Herald (20 July) had an item about the Greys Ave Council building and stated that it may have to be demolished because of asbestos contamination.

Well, although there may several reasons to tear it down, asbestos is not one of them.  I spoke to a building surveyor recently and mentioned the allegation that there was asbestos in it.  He said “Yes. there was asbestos when it was built, but there is none there now.  It was all taken out including replacement of all the ceiling panels in 1987.  There was a photo in the Herald of Cath Tizard  with the last bag being taken out.”

Perhaps you could suggest the Herald’s “reporters” check in the files of their paper before printing erroneous articles.

I seem to remember news articles at the time about the overhaul and removal of asbestos. I am very surprised that Bernard Orsman can’t remember that far back.

It seems that the council is making shit up to justify blowing $104 million on an ivory tower for council staff.


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  • le sphincter

    I seem to remember the building was renovated  after the isthmus councils were amalgamated which  ties in with the dates given. As well the council bought the  former Bledisloe building nearby.
    Sounds like ordinary office space isnt good enough and they want   A grade space instead.

  • Neil

    It could be they have better detection methods thses days and have found the primitive methods used to remove the asbestos has left traces still in the building – why it’s so dangerous to disturb the stuff…..

  • MikeR

    Sounds like Council still feel they are better than the rate payer, and deserve better than the rate payer, so they keep rewarding themselves.